Monday, December 30, 2013

Packers Playoff Tickets On Sale Now | Packers At Bears Review

Packers playoff tickets
Packers Fans Do Not Like This Guy
Ticket King has Packers playoff tickets on sale now. It was an amazing finish for our favorite team, and now they head to the playoffs.  San Francisco will be coming to Lambeau on Sunday, and with any luck, we will have our revenge. The last time these two teams met, the outcome was not what Packers fans had hoped for.

Packers At Bears Review

Well, how about that. One of the most memorable season’s in Green Bay Packers history came down to a 4th and eight, with everything on the line. On that 4th and eight, Aaron Rodgers, back from a collarbone injury, rolled out to his left, and found a wide open Randall Cobb, also returning from injury, for the game winning touchdown. The win puts the Packers into the playoffs where they will host the San Francisco 49ers next week. There is no telling just how far these Packers can go, but with Rodger back in the lineup, they have a chance. With that said, here is what we liked and didn’t like.

What We Liked: First and foremost, we liked the difference that Rodgers made this week being back in the lineup. As we said last week, there are many things Rodgers can do that Matt Flynn, Scott Tolzien, and Seneca Wallace can not. On both of the Aaron Rodgers touchdown passes today, both were plays that Matt Flynn could not have made. On both throws Rodgers rolled out to his left and threw against his body. In fact, on the game winning touchdown pass, Rodgers may be the only quarterback in football who can make that throw. Only Rodgers has that kind of mobility, upper body torque, arm strength, and accuracy to make that throw happen. We also liked how Rodgers ran the no huddle offense just how it is supposed to be run.

We also liked the way the Packers ran the ball, specifically one James Starks. James Starks finished the game with 11 carries for 88 yards, including a big one in the third quarter that set up the first touchdown for the Packers of the second half. We also liked the play of Jordy Nelson. With Rodgers back in the lineup, Nelson was back to his old tricks, finishing the game with 10 catches for 161 yards. We also liked the play of Randall Cobb. Randall Cobb returned to the lineup and caught both of Rodgers touchdown passes.   

What We Didn’t Like: We didn’t like the defensive breakdown in the second half. After playing so good in the first half, the Packers defense broke down on the second half and gave up three long touchdown drives to Chicago. Granted, they did get off the field when they needed to in the 4th quarter, but still, they need to work on that this week. We didn’t like the early interceptions by Aaron Rodgers. For the second time in his career, Rodgers threw a red zone interception. However we feel that was largely due to maybe some nervousness on his part. We also think it is safe to say he won’t do that again. Even though we liked the running in this game, we didn’t like how they ran. We didn’t understand all of the runs out of the shotgun. Why not run out of the I-formation with Kuhn leading the way and the big bull Eddie Lacy coming in right behind him? Still, they won, and that’s all that matters.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Packers At Bears Preview | Rodgers' Play Is Key To Upcoming Game At Chicago

Packers at Bears
After 16 well documented weeks, it all comes down to one game. This Packers season has been one that fans will never forget. With the season and the division on the line, the big news coming out of Green Bay this week is that All-Pro quarterback will return to the lineup on Sunday against the Bears, the very team that injured him to begin with. So how does this affect the Packers going into this game?

We all know that Rodgers has not played since week nine when he broke his collarbone against the Chicago Bears. Since that moment, the Packers are 2-5-1 with Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien, and Matt Flynn each getting a chance. The question is how will Rodgers look? Will he be rusty? How will the injury affect his play? Even if he is rusty, an 80% Aaron Rodgers is still much better than each of the three quarterbacks who played in his absence. Nothing against those three, it is just that there are things Rodgers can do and does, that those three simply can not. For the moment, let’s pretend Rodgers is 100% and ready to go. How does this change the Packers offense compared to how the other three have been running it? 

Rodgers Brings Another Dimension To Packers Offense

One of the many things that Rodgers can do that they can’t is run the Packers no-huddle offense to begin with. With Wallace, Tolzien, and Flynn, everything has to be pre-determined before the snap, even with Flynn. Those three were not and should not be given any time at the line of scrimmage to do anything. Rodgers meanwhile gets a formation and a package, that’s it. Everything else is up to him. With those other three, the vertical passing game is not an option. With Rodgers in the lineup, there is not one inch of the field that is not an option for the Packers offense.

 A much underrated aspect of the game that Rodgers does that those other three can’t have to do with his athleticism. When he starts moving around, especially outside of the pocket, Rodgers is perhaps the league’s most dangerous quarterback. Not because he is the most athletic quarterback in the league, but because he is plenty athletic enough to pick up big gains with his legs when he can’t throw the ball. That is the big part, when. Rodgers is the league’s best quarterback at throwing the ball while moving. His upper body torque allows him to do that. Final Score (Assuming Rodgers is not rusty): Packers 41, Bears 20.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Packers Playoff Chances Just Got Better | Packers Comeback For The Ages

Packers Take Down Dallas
That was simply unbelievable. In the most unlikely of scenarios, the Packers made a comeback for the ages and kept their playoff hopes alive on Sunday, beating the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington 37-36, after trailing 26-3 at the half. The 23 point deficit ties for the largest comeback in team history, and the 23 point lead Dallas blew is the largest in team history. Plus Matt Flynn did something on Sunday that Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers never did, beat Dallas in Dallas.  Check our Packers versus Steelers ticket prices, and see the team one more time at home during the regular season. 

Matt Flynn has looked solid these last two games, something the Packers didn’t get in their first four games without Rodgers. We believe if he has to play next Sunday at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he will be just fine. Last week against Atlanta at home, Flynn didn’t do anything spectacular, but he didn’t do anything bad either, he was just solid, going 24-32 for 258 yards and a touchdown. This week against Dallas, he didn’t look so great in the first half, but in the second half, he looked like an all world quarterback. Flynn finished the game in Dallas 26-39 for 299 yards and four touchdowns.

All four touchdowns and most of that damage happened in the second half. Eddie Lacy had a big game as well, carrying the ball 21 times for 141 yards, and scored the game winning touchdown from two yards out late in the fourth quarter. We believe Flynn has shown enough that Ted Thompson should give him a multi-year contract to be the long term solution as Rodgers backup.

Not only did the Packers win, but all of a sudden, their playoff chances aren’t looking so bad. All they have to do is win their last two games and have Detroit lose one of their remaining three and the Packers win the NFC North. Detroit’s three remaining games are at home against Baltimore, which is the Monday night game this week, at home against the Giants next week, and then they finish with in the Metrodome against the Vikings in week 17. We don’t think the Giants or Vikings could beat them, so it would have to be the Ravens on Monday Night Football for the Packers to pull this off. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Packers Versus Falcons Recap | Packers Tickets From Ticket King Green Bay

Packers versus Falcons Racap
The 2013 season for the Green Bay Packers has been nothing short of a wild ride. That wild ride got a lot more interesting on Sunday when the Lions had a major 4th quarter meltdown in Philadelphia, resulting in a loss, and the Packers actually won a game without Rodgers. It's a miracle! With that said, here is what we liked and didn’t like about Sunday’s game in Lambeau Field.

What We Liked- We liked the play of Matt Flynn. For the first time since Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone, the Packers got consistent play from the quarterback position, for an entire game. The “for an entire game” part is key. The Packers have had spurts were they have moved the ball well, but nothing for the course of an entire game until Sunday. Flynn finished the game 24-32, for 258 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. Nothing great, nothing bad, just solid. Kept the curtain from falling down.

We liked the play of Andrew Quarless. In the absence of Rodgers, Quarless stepped up and helped out Flynn. Quarless finished the game with six catches for 66 yards and caught Flynn’s lone touchdown pass. We liked how the Packers as a team minimized the penalties. When a team is without their one irreplaceable player, they need to play efficient football. The Packers did just that, committing just two penalties for 10 yards. We liked the play of the defense overall. For the first time since the Rodgers injury, they were able to implement a “bend but don’t break” strategy during the course of a game.

What We Didn’t Like- Even though the defense played well, we didn’t like how they played at the very end of the game. Had it not been for drops by the Falcons pass catchers, most notably one of the best sets of hands in NFL history, tight end Tony Gonzales, the Packers might have lost that game. The Falcons pass catchers had several crucial drops late that would have put them well within field goal range and would have made us all sour this week. We didn’t like the play of Eddie Lacy. In fact, Lacy hasn’t done much since Rodgers got injured. The Packers final three games are at Dallas, at home against Pittsburgh, and at Chicago. Check our site for great prices on the final Packers games of 2013. We have home and road game tickets on sale now.  We'll talk about Packers playoffs when the stars align, and Green Bay finds a way to sneak into the post season.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Packers Roller Coaster Season All Down To One Game

Packers 2013 Season
The Packers 2013 season has been a roller coaster ride unlike any other. They began the season 1-2, and on the verge of fading early on. The recovered nicely, winning four in a row, and after the blowout in the Metrodome they found themselves in prime position at 5-2, with all of their tough games behind them. They also found themselves with the, what was at the time, fourth best rushing attack in the league. They were primed to win a Super Bowl, and we really thought they were not going to lose another game for the rest of the season.

Then the impossible happened. The one player who could not get injured, got injured, Aaron Rodgers. His broken collarbone is well documented by now, so we won’t go into details about that. Seneca Wallace got the first chance to replace him. Wallace lasted the rest of the Monday night game against Chicago and the first drive of the game against Philadelphia before injuring his groin. Wallace was promptly placed on injured reserve the following week. Up next was Scott Tolzien, who had his moments, but was replaced by Matt Flynn in the second half of the Vikings game. Flynn almost led an improbable comeback, and with the losses by Chicago and Detroit that Sunday, gave the Packers hope their season could be saved and Rodgers would return to the lineup against Atlanta. However a blowout in Detroit changed all of that, and now the Packers are left with the unknown for the rest of the regular season. 

Should Rodgers Sit For The Rest Of The Season?

There are many reports flying around about Rodgers right now. Some say he could return against Atlanta,but the Packers have to be careful. Others say he should be shutdown for the rest of the season. Before making that decision, the Packers should wait one more week. The Bears lost on Sunday in Minnesota. What that means for the Packers is if they win the rest of their games, they will finish ahead of Chicago in the standings. Detroit needs to lose twice though for the Packers to make the playoffs. Detroit plays before Green Bay next Sunday so if the Lions lose, and the Packers somehow pull off a miracle against Atlanta, that would give the Packers hope, and Rodgers would probably play the following week. The bottom line is there is still some hope, but if the Packers lose on Sunday, their chances of making the playoffs is pretty much zero.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Packers Come Back To Tie Game | Vikings Rivalry Has New Chapter

Packers Vikings Rivalry
The Packers and Vikings rivalry dates back to 1960 and with all the down to the wire games they have played over the course of the last 53 years, it had to happen eventually. They played to a tie, 26-26 to be exact. It was just the second tie in the history of this rivalry. The other tie was a 10-10 game back in 1978, during the Packers “dark years.” With that said, here is what we liked and did not like about this game.

What We Liked - A few weeks ago we said that we didn’t think Matt Flynn should sign with the Packers. We would like to take a moment to retract that statement. We forgot for a moment that Matt Flynn has a track record with the Packers two best offensive players minus Aaron Rodgers- wide receivers James Jones and Jordy Nelson. Flynn not only understands what Mike McCarthy wants done on offense, but he knows where those two want the ball, and that showed late in this game. Of course, Jordy Nelson would catch the ball if it was thrown to the other side of the field to another receiver. Nelson might have the best set of hands in the league.

Speaking of the wide receivers, we liked how they stepped up to the plate for Matt Flynn in the second half. All three of them, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Jarrett Boykin started making plays in the fourth quarter and in overtime. We also liked how Eddie Lacy ran the ball today. Lacy showed up for the first time since the Monday Night game against the Bears. Lacy finished the day with 25 carries for 110 yards and a touchdown. Had he not been knocked out of the game, the Packers may have gone for it on 4th and goal at the one yard line on the first possession of overtime. We also liked how the defense stepped up in the fourth quarter and gave Matt Flynn a chance to make this miracle comeback happen. We liked the play of Clay Matthews. Clay got back to his old tricks and sacked Christian Ponder several times.

What We Didn’t Like - We want to know where the defense was the rest of the game and in overtime. In fact, we would like to know where the defense has been for the last month. Of course, this defense wasn’t built to be on the field for long stretches. They can’t play that way without Rodgers, so they are scrambling to adjust in his absence. We also didn’t like the play calling once the Packers got inside the red zone on the last possession of the fourth quarter and the first possession of overtime. We believe the Packers blew two chances to win the game on those two drives.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Injury Shows Packers Need Backup Plan For 2014

Packers Backup Quarterback 2014
The Packers entered 2013 with their chips pushed into the middle of the table, going all in with Aaron Rodgers. There’s nothing wrong with that. Rodgers is one of the top five quarterbacks in the league. However, pushing your chips into the middle of the table under these circumstances also means that you literally have no backup plan, and if Rodgers gets hurt, you are in big trouble.

Well guess what Packers fans, Rodgers got hurt, and the team is in big trouble. Had this happened two years ago, the last three games might have gone much differently. Two years ago, the Packers had the best backup plan in the league, Matt Flynn. At that point in time, Flynn was in his fourth year in the Packers system, was fully developed, was a hard worker, and could execute Mike McCarthy’s game plan in a similar way to that of which Rodgers executes it, as shown by his two starts, the one in the Super Bowl season on the road in New England, and the one in the final game of 2011 at home against Detroit. In the Lions game, he set a Packers records for touchdown passes and passing yards. Had this happened two years ago, the Packers would probably have won all three of these games.

You might be saying “Flynn is back in a Packers uniform right now and knows the system well. Why shouldn’t he play?” Please take a moment to remember that this is already his third team of the 2013 regular season. He probably can’t remember which playbook belongs to which team at this point. Yes, he did have past success in Green Bay, but he would probably fail massively if he had to play right now. 

Finding A Backup For Aaron Rodgers In 2014

So who should be Rodgers backup for the long haul? For starters, let’s take Flynn off that list. Flynn has been in too many places and has developed too many bad habits at this point to be worth much of anything long term. So what about Tolzien? So far, Tolzien has played both good and bad. Let’s see how he does next week with a second straight full week of practice, and game film to learn from.

If not Tolzien, this upcoming draft is deep in quarterbacks, not just starters but developmental projects as well. One that we like is Logan Thomas of Virginia Tech. Thomas was once a top of the first round draft choice, but overall play and team play have dropped him all the way down the last three rounds of the draft. The talent is still there, and the Packers coaches may be just the people to get it out of him.

The Packers need to make sure (beginning next season,) they have a better backup plan going forward, because if Rodgers gets hurt again, they can’t do this again. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Who Should Be Packers Back Up Quarterback? | Should Green Bay Bring Back Flynn?

Packers Back Up Quarterback Matt Flynn
The Packers quarterback situation all of a sudden has turned into a circus with the injury to Aaron Rodgers. First, Seneca Wallace got the opportunity, but he didn't get the chance to see if he could be an effective replacement. He injured his groin in the first series, and had to leave Sunday’s game against the Eagles. He was replaced by Scott Tolzien who was recently promoted off of the practice squad. Tolzien played okay, and some fans think the Packers will be better off in the long run with Tolzien starting until Rodgers returns, then serving as his backup for the next few years. Still, the Packers are down to one quarterback, and they need to make a move. There is a certain quarterback who is out there named Matt Flynn. Remember him? Well, there is speculation all of a sudden that he will return to Green Bay. But, is signing him such a good idea?

Sign Matt Flynn: Flynn was once a highly touted backup in Green Bay and seemed to be heading for a long term gig as a starter somewhere in the NFL. First he went to Seattle, but was outplayed for the starting job by the former Wisconsin Badgers Russell Wilson. This offseason, he went to Oakland and lost out on the starting job to Terrell Pryor. Flynn was promptly cut after just a few weeks. Flynn then went to Buffalo, where he (again) didn’t play and was cut after just a couple of weeks there. He knows Mike McCarthy’s system, and has played well for them in the past. Unlike Scott Tolzien, he would be somewhat of a known commodity. Signing him would make sense, even as just a backup until Rodgers returns.

Don’t Sign Matt Flynn: If the Packers were to sign Matt Flynn, this would be his third team during the 2013 REGULAR SEASON. That is three completely different offensive playbooks to learn in a span of just a couple of months. That is bound to confuse him a little, and that would not be good if he were to be trying to execute a two-minute drill with the game on the line. There is a reason though as to why he has been three different teams the last two years, and this is coming out recently. Ever since he went to Seattle, he has developed a reputation as someone who isn’t putting in the work anymore. In other words, he has become a 9-5 guy. That won’t get you very far in the NFL. Signing Flynn would be a mistake. There is also some talk of a sore throwing elbow issue, but we don’t have enough on that just yet.  The team has to find a reliable back up that isn't soon to be an injured NFL player

We would say do not sign Flynn. He has been in too many places since he left Green Bay and has developed a reputation as a slacker at times. We say sign a rookie to the practice squad. Groin injuries do not take that long to heal and Wallace will be fine backing up Tolzien until Rodgers returns.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Packers Versus Vikings At The Metrodome | Packers Tickets For Road Games

Packers Versus Vikings
It’s that time again. That’s right, you guessed it. It’s the Packers versus Vikings week, part one. It’s the time of year when common friends in the States of Minnesota and Wisconsin often become enemies. It’s that time of year when Vikings fans list their reasons for why they might not like Packers fans, and Packers fans remember all of the reasons they have the same feelings for Vikings fans. This season, game one is played in the bubble-top barnyard known as the Metrodome.

The Vikings are coming off an embarrassing Monday Night Football performance in the Meadowlands against the New York Giants. Both teams seemed to lack any type of drive or desire.
But enough of that. It’s back to the task at hand. My first question is how will the Packers handle the absences of Randall Cobb and Jermichael Finley? On Sunday, the Packers played without James Jones and Randall Cobb, and then Jarrett Boykin responded with the game of his life. As I watched that game, I noticed that Jarrett Boykin learned to use what he has to his advantage.  I’m talking about strength and size. On that last touchdown, Boykin didn’t try to go around the corner back; he went right at him at goal line and stretched across the end zone for the touchdown. But now, Jermichael Finley might be done for the season and his career may be over. On top of that, the Packers will not have Cobb until December. The good news is James Jones will probably return this week.

My other question is how Eddie Lacy will respond in such a tough environment. Lacy has had a great start to his NFL career. In fact, right now, I would say Lacy is the MVP of the Packers. But he hasn’t played in a threatening place like the Metrodome. Yes the Vikings may be a bad team this year. They may be coming off an embarrassing performance, and yes they may have the most unstable quarterback position in the league, but when the Packers come to town, that building comes alive with some of the loudest fans in the NFL. How will Lacy respond to the situation? Yes it is true in these divisional games the record books get thrown out. Despite the injuries, I expect another Packers win. Final Score: 34-20 Packers.  

Packers Tickets For All Road Games Available Now

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Packers Versus Browns Preview | Ticket King Green Bay For Packers Tickets

As of right now, the Packers are a banged up and beat up football team. Brad Jones, Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, James Jones, and Randall Cobb are all, at the moment, sitting on the sidelines with injuries. This leads me to question number one.

Who will play on Sunday? Well, let’s start with who we know will not play. We know that Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, and Randall Cobb will not play. What about Brad Jones and James Jones though? If either plays neither of them will be at 100%. Simply put, other plays, such as Jamari Lattimore, who played in the place of Brad Jones last Sunday and play rather well, need to step up to plate. With the injuries to Cobb and James Jones, Jarrett Boykin needs to step up and show us all why the coaches all seem to like him so much.

Can the running game continue to build momentum? The Packers are 1 yard from having a 100 yards rusher in four straight weeks. All of a sudden, the running game and the offensive line are the strengths of this team at the moment? How did that happen? Regardless, McCarthy needs to continue to rely on this newfound dominant running game.

Will Aaron Rodgers start playing better this week? Rodgers has not played well at all recently. His overall numbers are down, and he is missing open pass catchers that he would never miss. Rodgers needs to get it going soon or the Packers will be in big trouble.

Overall, despite the injuries, and despite poor play from Rodgers, I still expect the Packers to win this game, but not by as much as I thought they would in the preseason. Final Score 31-20. 

Packers Versus Browns Tickets
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Packers Versus Ravens Keys To The Game | Green Bay Ticket King

Packers versus Ravens
The Packers will have to take on the Ravens without the help of Clay Matthews. Matthews will be out for at least a month with a broken thumb.  The Ravens are not the same team that won the Super Bowl, but they manage to make the playoffs year after year.  The payout to Joe Flacco forced Baltimore to let key players go.  After all, the funds weren't there for the team to cover every salary.

At the same time, The Packers have found a run game worth worrying about, if you are on the opposite side of the ball. Green Bay is averaging over five yards per carry, and that represents a 30% increase in yards per carry. That's one huge improvement. On the flip side, the Ravens' featured back has dropped in production over 30%.  Losing key linemen has surely made Ray Rice's job that much harder.

The key threat in the Raven's backfield has returned, and so has his "off the charts" numbers. Aaron Rodgers will certainly be scrambling for his life from play to play, but with that pass rush we're hoping to see good one on one match-ups that Rodgers can exploit.  Add to that the fact that the Ravens will have to honor the run, and there are solid hopes that the Packers will find a way to move the ball. 

Who else is missing on that now famous Ravens roster? Ray Lewis of course. He wasn't the fastest guy at that position, but he was certainly a leader on the field.  Terrell Suggs has stepped in as captain, and it's going to take a few more games for everything to gel. We hope that the Packers squeak out a victory at Baltimore this Sunday.  Go Packers!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Packers Versus Lions | Morgan Burnett Returns To Practice Field

Packers Versus Lions
The Green Bay Packers return from their bye week this Sunday to host the Detroit Lions, who are in first place in the NFC North. Yep, that’s right, the first place Lions. So what are the Packers chances in this game?

Who will be ready to play and who will still be out due to injury? In case you didn’t notice, the Packers suffered a few injuries the first few weeks of the season, most notably in week three against the Bengals. By the end of the Cincinnati game, the Packers were without Morgan Burnett, Casey Heyward, Clay Matthews, Jermichael Finley, Eddie Lacy, and James Starks. That is a good portion of the roster out with injuries. There is some good news though, looks like Matthews will play and both Lacy and Burnett returned to practice this week. No word on the rest of them though.

Can Aaron Rodgers rebound from his poor week three performance? Here we have a very unlikely situation; Aaron Rodgers is looking for a rebound performance. Indeed Rodgers perhaps played the worst game of his NFL career in week three against Cincinnati, missing receivers and throwing two interceptions is a game for the first time in three years. I fully expect him to.

Morgan Burnett Returns To Field 

How much will the presence of Morgan Burnett affect the secondary? The Packers played the first three weeks of the season without their leader in the secondary, safety Morgan Burnett. It appears as if Burnett will be ready to go this week, and that bodes well for a Packers secondary that has been lit up through three weeks of the season like the Time Square on New Years Eve. I have almost fully contributed the Packers secondary issues to the absences of Burnett and Casey Heyward. Burnett returns, so I one half of what I believe to be the problem with the Packers secondary can now be judged.

Will the offensive line hold up? One of the bright spots through three weeks has been the offensive line. A question mark in the preseason, the offensive line has played very, very well. They face another tough defensive line this weekend with Detroit. . We expect the Packers to win this game, 38-27. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Packers Bye Week 2013 Comes Early | Rating Their Performance So Far

Packers Bye Week 2013
It’s only week four and the Packers have already reached their bye week. This gives us an opportunity to look at the performance of the Packers at each level through three weeks.  Granted, our Packers are just 1-3, but there are some bright spots.  

Quarterbacks: Through three games, Aaron Rodgers has 1,057 yards passing, a competition percentage of 66.4 percent, eight touchdowns, and three interceptions, two of which came last Sunday. Rodgers played perhaps the worst game of his NFL career on Sunday and it resulted in something you never see in Green Bay, a yelling match between player and coach on national television. Still I expect them to get this worked out and they will be just fine. During the broadcast Troy Aikman even said he used to get into fights with his offensive coordinator all the time. GRADE: B

Running Backs: Surprisingly this has been a strength of the Packers offense through three weeks. After taking over for an injured Eddie Lacy against the Redskins, James Starts gave the Packers their first 100 yard rusher in almost three years. Last Sunday, Starks got injured and rookie Jonathan Franklin responded with his own 100 yard rushing performance. Lacy will be back soon and these last two performances makes it a hard decision for the Packers coaches as to who gets the starting job. GRADE: A-

Receivers: So far the big three, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb have been just that, big. Yes indeed, the three of them have been nothing short of awesome so far this season. We may be looking at an NFL rarity, three 1,000 yard receivers on the same team. Tight end Jermichael Finley has shown flashes of brilliance this season, more times than not, and is another weapon in the Packers loaded offensive arsenal. GRADE: A

Offensive Line: The Packers began the 2013 season with the offensive line being perhaps the biggest question mark. So far, those questions have been answered as the line has played very well. Rookie David Bakhtiari has excelled stepping in for an injured Brian Bulaga and the rest of the line has help up nicely. Center EDS may still be the biggest question mark and he may be replaced next season. Overall, I did not expect this offense to play this good this season. It looks like they may even be better than ever.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Packers Versus Bengals Preview | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers versus Bengals Ticket King
After an important and convincing win on Sunday against the Redskins, the Packers will travel to Cincinnati to take on the 1-1 Bengals. With the suspension of All-Pro Denver Broncos OLD Von Miller for violating the league’s substance abuse policy to begin the season, I thought the Bengals had all of a sudden become the AFC’s best team. 

Can James Starks do it again? Eddie Lacy was knocked out of the game against the Redskins early with a concussion. James Starks took his place and simply became the first Packers running back in nearly three years to run for 100 yards in a game. You can attribute some of that to the fact that nobody in the world expected that to happen, so nobody was paying attention to him when he entered the game. Remember this though. The Bengals rush defense is 10 million times better than the Redskins is.

Can Aaron Rodgers keep this up? Breaking news- Aaron Rodgers is off to a historic start to a football season. Yeah really. In other news, George Washington was the first President of the United States. The Bengals secondary is also a lot better than the Redskins is, although so was the 49ers, and that didn’t seem to bother Rodgers. I expect him to keep it up.

Can Sam Shields cover A.J. Green? Shields is the ace cover corner of the Packers, and he is in for a big test on Sunday. He gets to cover one of the league’s best players, wide receiver A.J. Green. Expect Dom Capers to slide either Jerron McMillian or M.D. Jennings towards Green a lot.

Can the front seven keep this up? So far through two games, the much maligned front seven of the Packers has absolutely stopped two elite running games dead in their tracks. The Bengals do get good production from the running back position, but they aren’t not on the level of the Redskins or 49ers. Overall, I expect this to be a very tough and good game that could go either way.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bus Trips to Lambeau Field | Packers Tickets and Tailgate

Tailgate Packers Games

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Packers Tickets And Tailgate Options

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Coming to Lambeau From Milwaukee? Depending on the game time, fans leaving Milwaukee will either tailgate at the Green Bay Distillery, or at  Major Goolsby's. Also included in the Milwaukee package is 50% off meals at Goolsby's when you return from the game. Check game time listings for each Packers home game, and give Ticket King a call. Go Packers!
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Packers Versus Redskins Keys To The Game | Ticket King Wisconsin

Packers versus Redskins
Ticket King Green Bay invited Tim Bryce to give us his take on the Packers season opener. Take it away Tim! Well, that was an entertaining start to the 2013 season now wasn’t it? And for the bad news?  Now it's the Packers versus the Redskins. As for last Sunday, the Packers lost 34-28, but I do feel the Packers win that game if Casey Hayward and Morgan Burnett play. Now for the good news: That was probably the Packers most difficult game of the 2013 regular season. So for all of you out there who are already panicking, stop, take a deep breath, and relax. The worst is over. Time to move on. The Packers get to come home for their home opener, and they draw the Washington Redskins this weekend. Washington is coming off a Monday Night Football loss to Philadelphia, a game in which the Redskins looked pretty lethargic.
Can the Packers front seven defend the run again like they did in week one? Green Bay went to San Francisco prepared to stop the run, which is obvious based on how they played. The front seven held the 49ers elite running game in check, and refused to let Colin Kapernick run wild. The Redskins game plan entering this game is obvious; they are going to want to run the ball. Can the Packers stop them as well as the stopped the 49ers running game?

Eddie Lacy Comes Alive Late In The Game

In this first outing, rookie running back Eddie Lacy had a below average debut until that fourth quarter drive in which he had some nice runs and scored the touchdown that game the Packers a 28-24 lead. It’s not much, but it is something to build upon. I expect Lacy to be more of an integral part of the offense in this game.

The Packers basically played seven skill position players: Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless, Eddie Lacy, and John Kuhn. Now that they are passed the 49ers game, I expect more snaps from players like Jarrett Boykin, Ryan Taylor, Jon Franklin, and so on. The Packers cannot go the entire season playing just seven skill position players every game. These next few opponents will be an opportunity for them to get some real snaps for these other players.
Can the offensive line play that good again? Entering the season the Packers offensive line was one of the biggest question marks on this team. They played awesome against an elite San Francisco pass rush and gave Rodgers time to throw throughout the game. The Redskins pass rush isn’t as good, so I do expect them to keep this up, hopefully. At the end of the day, I fully expect the Packers to win this game. 31-17 final score.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Packers Give Few Hints Of Their True Potential During 2013 Preseason | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers Preseason 2013
After a long, and some would say uneventful, preseason the Packers are ready to get their 2013 regular season under way. No other team in the NFL looked more unspectacularly good or bad in the preseason than the Packers did. The Packers will begin week one with a trip back to San Francisco, the site of last year’s postseason debacle.

How will the offense look for a full 60 minutes? We still don’t know much about the Packers offense this season, because we haven’t seen it yet. The first team offense played very little during the preseason, and failed to score a touchdown. For some, the lack of scoring is the Packers biggest concern coming out of training camp. In what little we saw of Eddie Lacy, he looked good. I am interested in what he will look like over the course of an entire game. Jermichael Finley was probably the first team offense’s best player in training camp. I think he will have a good season. This game will also be our first look at Jordy Nelson, and our first real look at Randall Cobb as he evolves into a starter.

Have the defensive line issues really been fixed? Last season, the Packers defensive line was a big issue. This year, coming out of training camp, it appears to be a strength. Johnny Jolly’s return looks like a movie script in the making. If he really is back, and to the form he used to be, this has “Cinderella story” written all over it. Datone Jones looks good as well.  

Charles Woodson Moves On

How will the secondary play without Charles Woodson? We know that the secondary played the second half of last season without the presence of Charles Woodson. They still new he was going to play again. That’s not the case this season. Woodson is gone, and he’s not coming back. Now it is time to see how the secondary plays without the man who took care of business for half a decade. We hope that the Packers come out on top, but something tells us that they will lose by seven.