Friday, July 26, 2013

Key Games For The Green Bay Packers In 2013 | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers Games 2013
It sure seems that the NFL likes to give the Packers a tough start to their season, schedule-wise. For the first time in a few years, it looks like Green Bay will get a break. After the road game to start the season against the 49ers, the Packers play 4 in a row at noon and these are against less-than-stellar opponents. One would be very surprised if the Packers aren’t 6-1 when they go into the dome on October 27 to play the Vikings. The week after that, they come home to play the Bears on Monday Night Football. That Packers versus Vikings match up is number one on my list of Packers marquee games in 2013.

November 4 - Bears @ Packers - When I look at the Packers 2013 schedule, this is the first marquee home game of the season. This is the oldest rivalry in the NFL, and even though the Bears are going to go through a down season, that doesn’t mean anything when they go to play the Packers. This will be the first time in over a decade that the Bears won’t come to Green Bay with Lovie Smith as their head coach. Instead, it will be Marc Trestman calling the shots. Oh, yeah, expect Morgan Burnett to intercept two of Jay Cutler’s passes and return them for touchdowns.

November 24 - Vikings @ Packers - Another divisional game and this one is special. This will be the return of Greg Jennings to Green Bay. This should be interesting. Besides that, I firmly believe there is not a rivalry in American professional sports, where the rivalry is built on so much hate. There is nothing these two teams, their players, their coaches, or their fans, like about the other one. Vikings fans think Packers fans have an “elitists” mentality, that Packers fans have a “talk to the hand, were above you” attitude. Which I will not deny is true to a point. To flip that around, many Packers fans think that Vikings fans have the worst attitude collectively of any group of fans in sports, which is also true. That mindset towards each other makes the stakes of this game that much higher.

December 8 - Falcons @ Packers - This is a very interesting game to me. The Falcons have been inching closer and closer every year. Then every year, we say “this is their year.” This time, we might really be correct. Or, it could just be that the Falcons are the new Dallas Cowboys. Either way, this could be the best game of 2013 across the entire league if things go according to plan.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why Packers Fans Are The Best

Green Bay Packers fans
The Green Bay Packers, as they have the last few seasons, began the 2012 season with high expectations, ran into some injury issues, and like they did in 2011, finished with a dud, getting embarrassed defensively by the 49ers in the divisional playoff game.

The collective reaction from everybody, Ted Thompson, his scouts, Mike McCarthy, the coaches, and the fans, are what makes the Green Bay Packers the best organization in American professional sports.

If what happened to the Packers would have, say, happened to the Minnesota Vikings. Oh my goodness. Talk about anger. Heads would have rolled, fans and the owner would have demanded that people be fired, big changes be made, and oh yeah, it’s all the GM’s fault.

Instead, Packers fans just calmly sat back and watched as their team lost several of its key players during the free agency period in March. The big one was Greg Jennings. Questions arose, but nobody got angry. Instead, the sat back and continued to let Ted Thompson work. The NFL draft in April brought some serious help to this team. This draft appears to be another one of Ted Thompson’s “smart, crafty, sneaky, under the table, and the longer we get away from it the better it looks” drafts. J.C. Tretter could be the long term center the Packers are looking for and Charles Johnson could be the next Packers receiver to come in unnoticed and climb the depth chart to stardom.

Then the news broke that the Packers released Desmond Bishop. More questions arose. Thompson kept Finley the loudmouth, but let Jennings walk? Thompson extended Brad Jones, kept A.J. Hawk, and cut Bishop? What? That doesn’t make any sense right now. That’s the thing about Thompson, no moves he ever makes make any sense at that exact time. But, as we have found out over and over again, there is a method to his madness. I’m pretty sure we will see the method to his madness down the road at some point. Regardless Packers fans have once again sat back and said “okay, this makes no sense to us Ted. But, you’re the boss, and we trust you”. The key word there is trust. That word right there is what separates this organization and its fans from the rest.  There is a deep amount of trust here. The fans trust Thompson, Murphy trusts Thompson. McCarthy trusts Thompson. Thompson trusts McCarthy. Thompson trusts his players. The players trust McCarthy. The players trust Thompson. So while other teams overreact to everything that happens, the Packers, and their fans, trust each other. That is what makes this group so special.