Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Packers Playoff Tickets | Ticket King Green Bay

With two more regular season games to go, the Packers clinched a spot in the 2015 NFL playoffs after the Giants lost to Carolina. Does Green Bay have something to play for in the coming weeks? Most certainly. First, the team goes head to head with the Arizona Cardinals, a team standing at 12-2. The Cardinals haven't locked up anything other than a guaranteed spot in the playoffs, so they won't be resting any players just yet.  This will be a huge test for the Pack. Arizona looks to be very strong.  If Rodgers and the run game can hit on all cylinders, it's going to be a high scoring affair at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

From there, the Packers will take on the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. That's the last regular season game for the year, and it will be just as big as this weekend's affair. Should Green Bay need that win, you can be sure that the Vikings will try just as hard to hand them a loss, leading into the post season. Packers versus Vikings tickets for the game are still available.

As for Packers playoffs, once the regular season ends, that's when NFL football fans will know exactly which team will face each other, and where.  For now, it's up to Green Bay to win these final two games. See you in the post season Packers fans!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Packers Versus Raiders Final Score | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers versus Raiders Final Score
Heading into their week 16 match up with the Raiders, the Packers are coming off their best performance over the course of an entire game since their week three win on Monday Night Football against the Chiefs. For a list of various reasons, we believe the Packers played better on Sunday against the Cowboys than they did in Minnesota a few weeks ago, but not by much. The 28-7 win gives the Packers a little bit of confidence as they head out to Oakland.

Packers Run Game Key To Victory at Oakland

Can Eddie Lacy and James Starks do that again? Last week, the Packers ran for 233 yards, their most in a game since 2004. The Packers started out running the ball well to begin the game. For some reason though, they went away from it after their first three possessions. They went back to the running game in the fourth quarter, and basically ran out the clock as both Lacy and Starks each ran for a late touchdown. The Packers success for the rest of this season leans heavily on the play of these two. Remember the Packers of the 1990's? Remember Brett Favre throwing all those touchdown passes and winning those MVP awards? As the pieces started to disappear at the turn of the decade, the Packers went to the ground game, and set modern-era records for rushing that will never be broken. Well, it appears as if history is trying to repeat itself. Aaron Rodgers won MVP's and now, as the pieces begin to disappear, the Packers turn to the running game.

Can the passing game do something down the field? Yes, the Packers need to rely heavily on Starks and Lacy now to carry them to the finish line. However, the passing game needs to do something, anything to contribute here. Aaron Rodgers is going to finish the year with his worst season since before the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2011. He finished fifth in Pro Bowl voting this year among quarterbacks, and 5th overall. Basically, he is highly unlikely to participate in the Pro Bowl this season, which is fair; he doesn't deserve to be recognized in that regard for this season. However, he and these receivers/tight ends need to figure out something, Starks and Lacy can't do it all.

Can the rushing defense rebound? The one thing the Packers did wrong last week is defend the run. The Packers gave up 171 yards rushing to the Cowboys last week, 111 of which were too Darren McFadden, on just nine carries mind you. Fortunately, Oakland is one of the worst in the league at running the ball, as they are just 26th in the league in rushing at 91 yards per game.

Final Score: We expect the Packers to run the ball again and do enough in the passing game to beat the Raiders on the road 27-20.  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Packers Versus Cowboys Preview | Packers Should Win at Lambeau This Sunday | Ticket King

Packers versus Cowboys
This has been quite the season for the Packers. After starting out 6-0, they fell on hard times, losing four of their next five, and all four could be considered bad losses. They appeared to be headed for their fifth loss in six games on last Thursday, before an wild comeback which was capped off by “The miracle in the Motor City”, the 61-yard hail may from Aaron Rodgers to Richard Rodgers to win the game. Moving onto Sunday, the Packers will take on the Cowboys at Lambeau Field, who will be without Tony Romo.

Can Eddie Lacy get back on track? Eddie Lacy has had a nightmare of a 2015 season. Questions about his weight seem to be the focus. He has had some off the field issues as well, with the most recent being missing curfew the night before the Lions game, which was one of the reasons he played sparingly. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy did say he thinks Lacy is “rejuvenated” so we will see what means on Sunday. With the problems the passing game is having, they need Lacy, a big back built for cold weather, to return to form down the stretch.

Aaron Rodgers Needs Others to Step Up

Can Aaron Rodgers accept a lesser role down the stretch, beginning with this game? We understand this may seem strange, but the Packers are not going to win games down the stretch with Aaron Rodgers throwing for 375 yards and five touchdowns a game. The tight end and wide receivers, the key players that constitute his passing targets, are in shambles. If Lacy can return to form, this team is going to have to rely on his skills (along with Starks,) big time down the stretch. We can’t forget that every playoff winning team has to lean on their defense as well to win games. That means Aaron Rodgers is going to have to take a backseat for the remainder of the season and let everyone else do it for a change.

Can, someone, anyone, get some separation in the passing game, and hang onto the ball? As mentioned earlier, the Packers tight end and wide receiver units are a mess right now. There is nothing they can do about it for the remainder of the season, other than continue to roll out there what they have and hope for the best. This is no more prevalent than with Davante Adams. Up until last week against the Lions, Adams was the least effective receiver in the league according to the numbers. He did catch a touchdown pass, so maybe he can build on that, but that isn't much. Someone, anyone, has to get open and hang onto the ball.

Final Score: Despite their miracle win, the Packers still have the same offensive problems they had before that happened. Still, they win a muddy, wet game this Sunday 23-13.