Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Packers Roller Coaster Season All Down To One Game

Packers 2013 Season
The Packers 2013 season has been a roller coaster ride unlike any other. They began the season 1-2, and on the verge of fading early on. The recovered nicely, winning four in a row, and after the blowout in the Metrodome they found themselves in prime position at 5-2, with all of their tough games behind them. They also found themselves with the, what was at the time, fourth best rushing attack in the league. They were primed to win a Super Bowl, and we really thought they were not going to lose another game for the rest of the season.

Then the impossible happened. The one player who could not get injured, got injured, Aaron Rodgers. His broken collarbone is well documented by now, so we won’t go into details about that. Seneca Wallace got the first chance to replace him. Wallace lasted the rest of the Monday night game against Chicago and the first drive of the game against Philadelphia before injuring his groin. Wallace was promptly placed on injured reserve the following week. Up next was Scott Tolzien, who had his moments, but was replaced by Matt Flynn in the second half of the Vikings game. Flynn almost led an improbable comeback, and with the losses by Chicago and Detroit that Sunday, gave the Packers hope their season could be saved and Rodgers would return to the lineup against Atlanta. However a blowout in Detroit changed all of that, and now the Packers are left with the unknown for the rest of the regular season. 

Should Rodgers Sit For The Rest Of The Season?

There are many reports flying around about Rodgers right now. Some say he could return against Atlanta,but the Packers have to be careful. Others say he should be shutdown for the rest of the season. Before making that decision, the Packers should wait one more week. The Bears lost on Sunday in Minnesota. What that means for the Packers is if they win the rest of their games, they will finish ahead of Chicago in the standings. Detroit needs to lose twice though for the Packers to make the playoffs. Detroit plays before Green Bay next Sunday so if the Lions lose, and the Packers somehow pull off a miracle against Atlanta, that would give the Packers hope, and Rodgers would probably play the following week. The bottom line is there is still some hope, but if the Packers lose on Sunday, their chances of making the playoffs is pretty much zero.  

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