Friday, April 29, 2011

Green Bay Packers select Derek Sherrod

And with the 32nd pick of the NFL draft the Green Bay Packers select Derek Sherrod offensive tackle from Mississippi State. I love the pick myself. Just another guy to protect Aaron Rodgers. The pack could have gone in other directions such as outside linebacker or defensive end, but they took the better prospect. With Bulaga and now Sherrod the Packers should have a pair of bookend tackles for the next 10 years. Day 2 of the NFL draft should be interesting as well tonight. Get your tickets to see Derek Sherrod up close in personal at Lambeau Field this season. GO PACK GO!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who will the Green Bay Packers draft???

And with the 32nd pick of the 2011 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select.........That is the big question of the day. I'm getting pumped for the draft tonight. Ticket King Green Bay has been doing mock drafts this morning and will see who the winner is tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Packer's pre-draft from Ticket King

The draft is where championships begin. Ted Thompson has being a mastermind as general manger of the Packers. As far as this years draft with the 32 pick in this years first round draft, I could see the Packers going in a few directions. First I think they will go after Brooks Reed de/olb from Arizona and would be a great compliment to Clay Matthews. Also Cameron Hayward from Ohio State as a de/dt or Muhammad Wilkerson from Temple. If those guys are not available I could see the Pack looking at a offensive lineman or I would love to see the Packers draft a running back. I could see Mark Ingram from Alabama slipping all the way to the pack. I also wouldn't mind a wr is James Jones leaves. As far as later in the draft I think the Packers should look for a Kick returner/ punt returner. Also as of right now the Packers have the last pick in the draft my favorite Mr. Irrelevant. I Can't wait to see who the Pack get with the last pick. One other pick I would love for the Pack to get is J.J. Watt from Wisconsin. GO Pack GO!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

NFL Lockout Lifted

Great news for NFL fans, federal judge ordered in end of the NFL lockout, giving the players an early victory. Thats music to Ticket King Green Bay's ears. Tomormow I will be discussing the Packers upcoming draft prospects.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Analysis of Green Bay Packer's Schedule

Our World Champion Green Bay Packers have a tough schedule but thats what happens when you win the Super Bowl. The best games on the schedule I think are the opening game against the Saints, at the Falcons, Bears at Lambeau on Christmas Night. There are other games that are interesting like divisional games, and Tampa Bay coming back. The Pack are going to have a huge target on their back every week but I think they are up to the challenge. Lets just hope that 10 day stretch where they have 3 games, that they can weather that storm. September can't get here fast enough. GO Pack GO!!!! 12-4 my prediction

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Bay Packers 2011 Schedule from Ticket King

The Green Bay Packers Schedule is out and the first thing I notice is a lot of holiday games. I'm predicting the pack to go 12-4 maybe even 13-3.

Ticket King Green Bay will be buying and selling Packer tickets as soon as tomorrow. Get your tickets fast to see your very own Super Bowl Champions Green Bay Packers!!! Go Pack GO!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ticket King Discount Code for Tickets Good through Sunday

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Green Bay Packer's 2011 Schedule Release

The Green Bay Packers and the rest of the NFL schedule is going to be released tonight at 6:00PM on the NFL network. I'm sure I will get some leaked info during the day, so stay tuned to this blog and be the first to get the inside track on the Packers schedule.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ticket King Green Bay Happy to see Madden Curse Live!

Ticket King Green Bay happy to see the Madden Curse live on. Peyton Hillis defeated Aaron Rodgers 61% to 39%. I know for a fact that Packer fans voted for Hillis just so Rodgers didn't land on the cover. As much as I wanted Rodgers on the cover I did kinda breath a sigh of relief when I saw this. Hillis will take on Mike Vick and I'm pretty sure Vick will win, due to the fact people still want to see him get hurt. Either way I still will be buying Madden 2012, and losing to 10 year olds online. Here are some of the comments under the bracket for the Madden contest:

@Bri_Fuller: that's cause some packer fans were voting for Hillis because of the curse..rather have a #SHIP than a Madden Cover though

@ericelstad: SB repeat for sure now with no curse coming @AaronRodgers12 way!                                                                                                                                                           @schlizzag: I am perfectly happy with this. No Madden Curse in Green Bay this year! #gopackgo

Now us Packer fans can't use the Madden Curse for an injury or bad season. GO Pack GO!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aaron Rodgers outsells Favre jerseys

Aaron Rodgers has eclipsed his predecessor, Brett Favre, in jersey sales. Rodgers moved up to #2 on the top NFL jersey sales only behind Troy Polamalu. Favre dropped to #14 from #1 last year.Clay Matthews moved up to #8 from not even being in the top 25. On a side note Rodgers made the final four for the Cover of Madden. As of right now he is losing but I think a lot of Packer fans believe in the Madden Curse and don't want him on the cover for that reason. Rodgers tweeted he hates losing, so maybe we should vote for him. Right? Go Pack Go!!!

NFL mediation and NFL draft

The NFL and it's locked out players have resumed mediation. That's good news to us fans, but if they don't get something done soon the U.S. District Attorney will have to choose a side. Then the side that loses will appeal and the appeal will take around 30-45 days to be heard which is a joke. So lets get it done boys. The NFL draft is coming up soon and their is a real nice video to get our Packer fan juices flowing!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Green Bay Packer's 2011 Pre Season Opponents

The Packers will open the preseason at Cleveland in a game to be played Aug. 11-15. They host the Cardinals in the annual Midwest Shrine Game, which will be played Aug. 18-22. Green Bay plays at Indianapolis at 7 p.m. Aug. 26 in a game to be shown on CBS. The preseason ends against the Chiefs in the annual Bishop’s Charities Game to be played on Sept. 1 or 2. Precise game dates and times for the Browns, Cardinals and Chiefs games are to be determined. Ticket King Green Bay will have tickets available shortly!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kuuuuhnnnnn in Manitowoc

John Kuhn was in Manitowoc signing autographs at the recently remodeled Menard's store. There was at least 300 people in line waiting for the folk hero for the Green Bay Packers. We here at Ticket King Green Bay love the way Kuhn plays, for example his leaping ability to go over defenders.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mike McCarthy 4th in Ranking

Not much news on the home front for the Pack. Today I found a poll conducted by ESPN ranking the NFL top 10 coaches. McCarthy finished #4. Bill the hooded Belicheick was ranked #1. I would consider the #4 spot for McCarthy a fair ranking. Some other tidbits sounds like the lonely Bears are trying to get Cullen Jenkins one the CBA is done. Ticket King Green Bay hopes that the Brewers can build on the last two wins and string together a few more wins.  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Opening Day at Miller Park

Opening Day at Miller Park is always out of this world. Our one and only Nick Collins will be throwing out the opening pitch to start the 2011 season at Miller Park. Lets hope the Brew can turn around the season by beating the  Braves.