Monday, November 25, 2013

Packers Come Back To Tie Game | Vikings Rivalry Has New Chapter

Packers Vikings Rivalry
The Packers and Vikings rivalry dates back to 1960 and with all the down to the wire games they have played over the course of the last 53 years, it had to happen eventually. They played to a tie, 26-26 to be exact. It was just the second tie in the history of this rivalry. The other tie was a 10-10 game back in 1978, during the Packers “dark years.” With that said, here is what we liked and did not like about this game.

What We Liked - A few weeks ago we said that we didn’t think Matt Flynn should sign with the Packers. We would like to take a moment to retract that statement. We forgot for a moment that Matt Flynn has a track record with the Packers two best offensive players minus Aaron Rodgers- wide receivers James Jones and Jordy Nelson. Flynn not only understands what Mike McCarthy wants done on offense, but he knows where those two want the ball, and that showed late in this game. Of course, Jordy Nelson would catch the ball if it was thrown to the other side of the field to another receiver. Nelson might have the best set of hands in the league.

Speaking of the wide receivers, we liked how they stepped up to the plate for Matt Flynn in the second half. All three of them, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Jarrett Boykin started making plays in the fourth quarter and in overtime. We also liked how Eddie Lacy ran the ball today. Lacy showed up for the first time since the Monday Night game against the Bears. Lacy finished the day with 25 carries for 110 yards and a touchdown. Had he not been knocked out of the game, the Packers may have gone for it on 4th and goal at the one yard line on the first possession of overtime. We also liked how the defense stepped up in the fourth quarter and gave Matt Flynn a chance to make this miracle comeback happen. We liked the play of Clay Matthews. Clay got back to his old tricks and sacked Christian Ponder several times.

What We Didn’t Like - We want to know where the defense was the rest of the game and in overtime. In fact, we would like to know where the defense has been for the last month. Of course, this defense wasn’t built to be on the field for long stretches. They can’t play that way without Rodgers, so they are scrambling to adjust in his absence. We also didn’t like the play calling once the Packers got inside the red zone on the last possession of the fourth quarter and the first possession of overtime. We believe the Packers blew two chances to win the game on those two drives.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Injury Shows Packers Need Backup Plan For 2014

Packers Backup Quarterback 2014
The Packers entered 2013 with their chips pushed into the middle of the table, going all in with Aaron Rodgers. There’s nothing wrong with that. Rodgers is one of the top five quarterbacks in the league. However, pushing your chips into the middle of the table under these circumstances also means that you literally have no backup plan, and if Rodgers gets hurt, you are in big trouble.

Well guess what Packers fans, Rodgers got hurt, and the team is in big trouble. Had this happened two years ago, the last three games might have gone much differently. Two years ago, the Packers had the best backup plan in the league, Matt Flynn. At that point in time, Flynn was in his fourth year in the Packers system, was fully developed, was a hard worker, and could execute Mike McCarthy’s game plan in a similar way to that of which Rodgers executes it, as shown by his two starts, the one in the Super Bowl season on the road in New England, and the one in the final game of 2011 at home against Detroit. In the Lions game, he set a Packers records for touchdown passes and passing yards. Had this happened two years ago, the Packers would probably have won all three of these games.

You might be saying “Flynn is back in a Packers uniform right now and knows the system well. Why shouldn’t he play?” Please take a moment to remember that this is already his third team of the 2013 regular season. He probably can’t remember which playbook belongs to which team at this point. Yes, he did have past success in Green Bay, but he would probably fail massively if he had to play right now. 

Finding A Backup For Aaron Rodgers In 2014

So who should be Rodgers backup for the long haul? For starters, let’s take Flynn off that list. Flynn has been in too many places and has developed too many bad habits at this point to be worth much of anything long term. So what about Tolzien? So far, Tolzien has played both good and bad. Let’s see how he does next week with a second straight full week of practice, and game film to learn from.

If not Tolzien, this upcoming draft is deep in quarterbacks, not just starters but developmental projects as well. One that we like is Logan Thomas of Virginia Tech. Thomas was once a top of the first round draft choice, but overall play and team play have dropped him all the way down the last three rounds of the draft. The talent is still there, and the Packers coaches may be just the people to get it out of him.

The Packers need to make sure (beginning next season,) they have a better backup plan going forward, because if Rodgers gets hurt again, they can’t do this again. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Who Should Be Packers Back Up Quarterback? | Should Green Bay Bring Back Flynn?

Packers Back Up Quarterback Matt Flynn
The Packers quarterback situation all of a sudden has turned into a circus with the injury to Aaron Rodgers. First, Seneca Wallace got the opportunity, but he didn't get the chance to see if he could be an effective replacement. He injured his groin in the first series, and had to leave Sunday’s game against the Eagles. He was replaced by Scott Tolzien who was recently promoted off of the practice squad. Tolzien played okay, and some fans think the Packers will be better off in the long run with Tolzien starting until Rodgers returns, then serving as his backup for the next few years. Still, the Packers are down to one quarterback, and they need to make a move. There is a certain quarterback who is out there named Matt Flynn. Remember him? Well, there is speculation all of a sudden that he will return to Green Bay. But, is signing him such a good idea?

Sign Matt Flynn: Flynn was once a highly touted backup in Green Bay and seemed to be heading for a long term gig as a starter somewhere in the NFL. First he went to Seattle, but was outplayed for the starting job by the former Wisconsin Badgers Russell Wilson. This offseason, he went to Oakland and lost out on the starting job to Terrell Pryor. Flynn was promptly cut after just a few weeks. Flynn then went to Buffalo, where he (again) didn’t play and was cut after just a couple of weeks there. He knows Mike McCarthy’s system, and has played well for them in the past. Unlike Scott Tolzien, he would be somewhat of a known commodity. Signing him would make sense, even as just a backup until Rodgers returns.

Don’t Sign Matt Flynn: If the Packers were to sign Matt Flynn, this would be his third team during the 2013 REGULAR SEASON. That is three completely different offensive playbooks to learn in a span of just a couple of months. That is bound to confuse him a little, and that would not be good if he were to be trying to execute a two-minute drill with the game on the line. There is a reason though as to why he has been three different teams the last two years, and this is coming out recently. Ever since he went to Seattle, he has developed a reputation as someone who isn’t putting in the work anymore. In other words, he has become a 9-5 guy. That won’t get you very far in the NFL. Signing Flynn would be a mistake. There is also some talk of a sore throwing elbow issue, but we don’t have enough on that just yet.  The team has to find a reliable back up that isn't soon to be an injured NFL player

We would say do not sign Flynn. He has been in too many places since he left Green Bay and has developed a reputation as a slacker at times. We say sign a rookie to the practice squad. Groin injuries do not take that long to heal and Wallace will be fine backing up Tolzien until Rodgers returns.