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Packers Playoff Tickets On Sale Now | Packers At Bears Review

Packers playoff tickets
Packers Fans Do Not Like This Guy
Ticket King has Packers playoff tickets on sale now. It was an amazing finish for our favorite team, and now they head to the playoffs.  San Francisco will be coming to Lambeau on Sunday, and with any luck, we will have our revenge. The last time these two teams met, the outcome was not what Packers fans had hoped for.

Packers At Bears Review

Well, how about that. One of the most memorable season’s in Green Bay Packers history came down to a 4th and eight, with everything on the line. On that 4th and eight, Aaron Rodgers, back from a collarbone injury, rolled out to his left, and found a wide open Randall Cobb, also returning from injury, for the game winning touchdown. The win puts the Packers into the playoffs where they will host the San Francisco 49ers next week. There is no telling just how far these Packers can go, but with Rodger back in the lineup, they have a chance. With that said, here is what we liked and didn’t like.

What We Liked: First and foremost, we liked the difference that Rodgers made this week being back in the lineup. As we said last week, there are many things Rodgers can do that Matt Flynn, Scott Tolzien, and Seneca Wallace can not. On both of the Aaron Rodgers touchdown passes today, both were plays that Matt Flynn could not have made. On both throws Rodgers rolled out to his left and threw against his body. In fact, on the game winning touchdown pass, Rodgers may be the only quarterback in football who can make that throw. Only Rodgers has that kind of mobility, upper body torque, arm strength, and accuracy to make that throw happen. We also liked how Rodgers ran the no huddle offense just how it is supposed to be run.

We also liked the way the Packers ran the ball, specifically one James Starks. James Starks finished the game with 11 carries for 88 yards, including a big one in the third quarter that set up the first touchdown for the Packers of the second half. We also liked the play of Jordy Nelson. With Rodgers back in the lineup, Nelson was back to his old tricks, finishing the game with 10 catches for 161 yards. We also liked the play of Randall Cobb. Randall Cobb returned to the lineup and caught both of Rodgers touchdown passes.   

What We Didn’t Like: We didn’t like the defensive breakdown in the second half. After playing so good in the first half, the Packers defense broke down on the second half and gave up three long touchdown drives to Chicago. Granted, they did get off the field when they needed to in the 4th quarter, but still, they need to work on that this week. We didn’t like the early interceptions by Aaron Rodgers. For the second time in his career, Rodgers threw a red zone interception. However we feel that was largely due to maybe some nervousness on his part. We also think it is safe to say he won’t do that again. Even though we liked the running in this game, we didn’t like how they ran. We didn’t understand all of the runs out of the shotgun. Why not run out of the I-formation with Kuhn leading the way and the big bull Eddie Lacy coming in right behind him? Still, they won, and that’s all that matters.

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