Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Packers Versus Ravens Keys To The Game | Green Bay Ticket King

Packers versus Ravens
The Packers will have to take on the Ravens without the help of Clay Matthews. Matthews will be out for at least a month with a broken thumb.  The Ravens are not the same team that won the Super Bowl, but they manage to make the playoffs year after year.  The payout to Joe Flacco forced Baltimore to let key players go.  After all, the funds weren't there for the team to cover every salary.

At the same time, The Packers have found a run game worth worrying about, if you are on the opposite side of the ball. Green Bay is averaging over five yards per carry, and that represents a 30% increase in yards per carry. That's one huge improvement. On the flip side, the Ravens' featured back has dropped in production over 30%.  Losing key linemen has surely made Ray Rice's job that much harder.

The key threat in the Raven's backfield has returned, and so has his "off the charts" numbers. Aaron Rodgers will certainly be scrambling for his life from play to play, but with that pass rush we're hoping to see good one on one match-ups that Rodgers can exploit.  Add to that the fact that the Ravens will have to honor the run, and there are solid hopes that the Packers will find a way to move the ball. 

Who else is missing on that now famous Ravens roster? Ray Lewis of course. He wasn't the fastest guy at that position, but he was certainly a leader on the field.  Terrell Suggs has stepped in as captain, and it's going to take a few more games for everything to gel. We hope that the Packers squeak out a victory at Baltimore this Sunday.  Go Packers!


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