Monday, September 28, 2015

Packers Versus Chiefs Preview | Ticket King Green Bay

Ticket King Green Bay
We have arrived at week three of the 2015 season. The Packers are coming off a solid week two win at home against Seattle 27-17, a game that we were expecting them to lose. Here is our preview for tonight's game against Kansas City.

How will the injuries affect the Packers? The Packers have been hit hard with injuries so far this season. Sam Barrington, Jordy Nelson, and Josh Boyd are all done for the season and Brian Bulaga is out until the end of October. They also have been very lucky. Randall Cobb's shoulder injury could have been devastating but he has played through it, and the pain is subsidizing each week. The ankle injuries to Davonte Adams and Eddie Lacy could have been bad as well. However both are probable for tonight at the moment. Morgan Burnett will miss tonight's game though, so that will hurt the tackling on defense.

Even though Adams and Lacy are probably, we wonder how effective they will be. We expected limited action for the both of them. We believe Lacy will finish with about 15 carries for 70 yards or so. Predicting Adams is a lot harder though, as most wide receivers numbers fluctuate from week to week.

Can Aaron Rodgers have an “Aaron Rodgers game” against Kansas City? In week one against Chicago Rodgers went 18 of 23 for 189 yards and three touchdowns. In week two against Seattle Rodgers went for 249 yards and two touchdowns. A very pedestrian performance by his standards. When we say “Aaron Rodgers game”, we mean 32-38 for 340 yards and five touchdowns, or somewhere along those lines. The Chiefs secondary is tough, although rookie cornerback Marcus Peters will provide an inviting target for Rodgers to attack.

Can the front seven keep up this pace of play? A week ago, the front seven of the Packers defense had one of their best games as a collective unit in recent memory. They shut down the Seahawks rushing attack all night, which allowed the defense to repeatedly get off the field all night, a nice change of pace from the usual up and down the field play we are used to.

Can Micah Hyde and Sean Richardson play better in Burnett's absence? Safety Morgan Burnett missed week one and the Packers secondary look below average against Jay Cutler. Burnett played last week, and the secondary shut down the Seahawks passing game all night. Burnett will miss tonight's game, so that gives Richardson and Hyde a second chance to vindicate themselves in Burnett's absence.

Final Score: We expect the Packers to win this one by the score of 34-20. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Packers Versus Seahawks Preview | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers versus Seahawks
It’s hard to believe week one of the 2015 NFL season is already in the books. There were numerous surprises such as the Bills upset of the Colts, the Giants meltdown against the Cowboys, and of course, the disaster that was the second Monday night game between the Vikings and 49ers. In fact, our senior writer and analyst T.J. Bryce was laughing the entire game and he was not alone. ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, who did the play by play for the game along with Chris Berman, stated the game was “a comedy of errors” at one point of the first half.

We got off track a little bit there. Let’s get back to the topic at hand, previewing the Packers-Seahawks game. The Packers put together a decent week one performance against the Bears, winning 31-23. Now the Packers come home for the home opener against the Seattle.

Can Aaron Rodgers build on his week one performance? Yes, we know, we know the first question in every preview references Aaron Rodgers. Well, it should. Rodgers finished week one 18 of 23 for 189 yards and three touchdowns. The yards total was so low because the Packers didn't have the ball much.

Can Eddie Lacy find some running room against this Seattle defense? Lacy had a solid week one, finishing with 19 carries for 85 yards. We expect Lacy to be around 20 carries a game until around the middle of October. We do expect Lacy to have a similar performance to week one.

Is James Jones the real deal? The Packers signed James Jones off the street prior to the start of the season due to the Jordy Nelson injury. On Sunday, the Bears secondary made Jones look like the best receiver in the history of the NFL. Of course, it was the Bears, who may very well have the worst secondary in the league at the moment. It was good for Jones to get some game time under his belt, because he gets a much tougher test this week, Richard Sherman.

Can the Packers defense please get off the field on third down? The Packers defense did a pretty good job on Sunday, for two downs. Of course, each team has three downs to get a new set of downs. The Packers forgot about third down defensively on Sunday. The Packers defense got the Bears to third down, a lot. 17 times in fact. The problem is that Bears converted 11 of them. Two more were converted on 4th down, three more were converted into field goals, and one was kept going following a Sam Shields off-sides penalty. The Packers will need to do a lot better on third down as the season goes along. When T.J. penned the Packers for four losses, this was one of them. Final score: 34-20 Seattle.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Packers Should Roll Over Bears In Week One | Ticket King Green Bay

2015 NFL SeasonAfter months of speculation, guesswork, and previews, the 2015 NFL season is finally upon us. The Packers begin their season Sunday afternoon at noon central time, by resuming the oldest rivalry in the NFL, going on the road against the Chicago Bears. Here is our preview for game one.

The first and foremost question on everyone's mind is will Randall Cobb play? The Packers are already without ace receiver Jordy Nelson, who was lost for the season in week two of the preseason with a torn ACL. Randall Cobb now becomes the most experienced receiver on the team, and in week three of the preseason he injured his shoulder. Following near panic by every person in the State of Wisconsin due to the initial fear of a broken collarbone, Cobb was officially diagnosed with a minor AC joint sprain. He practiced Wednesday for the first time since the injury and is probable for Sunday.

Next up is how will Aaron Rodgers play? Rodgers remained healthy through the preseason, although much of that was due to his limited snap count and the fact that he missed the last two games. Will Rodgers show rust and get off to a slow start like he has in years past, or will he get off to a fast start this time around? We believe Rodgers will have a good game. He won't throw for 450 yards and light the world on fire in week one, but he will have a solid performance. We are expecting near 300 yards and three touchdowns.

Can Eddie Lacy get off to a fast start as well? Eddie Lacy played only a few snaps in the preseason, although he look really, REALLY, good in the snaps he did play. We expect Lacy to start quickly, and rush for over 100 yards against this weak Bears rushing defense. At the moment, the Bears defense might be the weakest agai
nst the rush in the league. The sub-question for this is can James Starks shake off a bad preseason? Starts played poorly this preseason, carrying the ball 13 times for just 16 yards. One must wonder if due to all of the injuries, and the short shelf life of running backs, if Starks, at the age of 29, is running out of gas.

Will the defense be as good as they were a year ago? In the second half of last year, following Clay Matthews move inside after the bye week, the Packers become one of the best defenses in the league. They played poorly at times this preseason, but one must wonder how much of that was due to circumstance. The whole team was not mentally checked into the Eagles game because of everything happening around them.

Despite what happened this preseason, we expect the Packers to roll in week one 38-17.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Packers 2015 Preseason Ends Tonight | Ticket King Green Bay

After what some Green Bay fans would call a boring start to training camp, things have really picked up with these injuries. Here is our review of what we have seen in the Packers preseason so far.  

Aaron Rodgers- Mr. Universe played the first two games in of the 2015 preseason before throwing in the towel until week one of the regular season. He look good, sharp, and ready.

Brett Hundley- The 2015 preseason for Hundley has been typical of a 5th round rookie with lots of talent. Shows a play where all of his talent comes into form, and then looks like a deer caught in the headlights the rest of the set of downs. Future is bright for Hundley though.

Matt Blanchard- Even though he has no chance of making this roster, Blanchard has played hard, and has showed his big arm. He could end up on the Packers practice squad, unless someone picks him up. Point is, he is not done with the NFL after this training camp is over.

Eddie Lacy- Lacy has 15 carries for 68 yards this preseason, and looks ready to go.

James Starks- James Starks performance this preseason has us worried- 13 carries for a measly 16 yards, but at the same time, it is just preseason.

Rajon Neal- Rajon Neal has all but locked down the third running back job. He has looked outstanding both running the ball, and on passing downs blocking.

Jeff Janis- This man has had an amazing camp, and the Packers are going to need the former Saginaw Valley State standout to grow up fast with the Jordy Nelson injury.

Davonte Adams- Davonte Adams has had a very quiet camp, and with the injury to Nelson, look for him to take on a more perimeter-oriented role in this offense.

Myles White- If there was ever an example of why you should never give up, it is Myles White. Towards the end of 2013, Myles White career looked over with the Packers receiving unit returning to full strength. He returned to the practice squad the entire season a year ago. He has a had a great camp, and with the injury to Jordy Nelson, he could make the week one roster. As the 5th receiver.

Richard Rodgers- Here is another young player who has had a quiet camp. However, expect Rodgers to take a big step forward in 2015 regardless of his quiet camp.

Sam Barrington- The former seventh round draft choice has locked down one of the inside linebacker spots and is quickly becoming a leader for this defense.

As far as the rest of the defense is concerned, we not going to over-read into their performance on Saturday. Aaron didn't play and they are still trying, as a team, to get their minds right following the Jordy Nelson injury.