Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Packers Bye Week 2013 Comes Early | Rating Their Performance So Far

Packers Bye Week 2013
It’s only week four and the Packers have already reached their bye week. This gives us an opportunity to look at the performance of the Packers at each level through three weeks.  Granted, our Packers are just 1-3, but there are some bright spots.  

Quarterbacks: Through three games, Aaron Rodgers has 1,057 yards passing, a competition percentage of 66.4 percent, eight touchdowns, and three interceptions, two of which came last Sunday. Rodgers played perhaps the worst game of his NFL career on Sunday and it resulted in something you never see in Green Bay, a yelling match between player and coach on national television. Still I expect them to get this worked out and they will be just fine. During the broadcast Troy Aikman even said he used to get into fights with his offensive coordinator all the time. GRADE: B

Running Backs: Surprisingly this has been a strength of the Packers offense through three weeks. After taking over for an injured Eddie Lacy against the Redskins, James Starts gave the Packers their first 100 yard rusher in almost three years. Last Sunday, Starks got injured and rookie Jonathan Franklin responded with his own 100 yard rushing performance. Lacy will be back soon and these last two performances makes it a hard decision for the Packers coaches as to who gets the starting job. GRADE: A-

Receivers: So far the big three, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb have been just that, big. Yes indeed, the three of them have been nothing short of awesome so far this season. We may be looking at an NFL rarity, three 1,000 yard receivers on the same team. Tight end Jermichael Finley has shown flashes of brilliance this season, more times than not, and is another weapon in the Packers loaded offensive arsenal. GRADE: A

Offensive Line: The Packers began the 2013 season with the offensive line being perhaps the biggest question mark. So far, those questions have been answered as the line has played very well. Rookie David Bakhtiari has excelled stepping in for an injured Brian Bulaga and the rest of the line has help up nicely. Center EDS may still be the biggest question mark and he may be replaced next season. Overall, I did not expect this offense to play this good this season. It looks like they may even be better than ever.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Packers Versus Bengals Preview | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers versus Bengals Ticket King
After an important and convincing win on Sunday against the Redskins, the Packers will travel to Cincinnati to take on the 1-1 Bengals. With the suspension of All-Pro Denver Broncos OLD Von Miller for violating the league’s substance abuse policy to begin the season, I thought the Bengals had all of a sudden become the AFC’s best team. 

Can James Starks do it again? Eddie Lacy was knocked out of the game against the Redskins early with a concussion. James Starks took his place and simply became the first Packers running back in nearly three years to run for 100 yards in a game. You can attribute some of that to the fact that nobody in the world expected that to happen, so nobody was paying attention to him when he entered the game. Remember this though. The Bengals rush defense is 10 million times better than the Redskins is.

Can Aaron Rodgers keep this up? Breaking news- Aaron Rodgers is off to a historic start to a football season. Yeah really. In other news, George Washington was the first President of the United States. The Bengals secondary is also a lot better than the Redskins is, although so was the 49ers, and that didn’t seem to bother Rodgers. I expect him to keep it up.

Can Sam Shields cover A.J. Green? Shields is the ace cover corner of the Packers, and he is in for a big test on Sunday. He gets to cover one of the league’s best players, wide receiver A.J. Green. Expect Dom Capers to slide either Jerron McMillian or M.D. Jennings towards Green a lot.

Can the front seven keep this up? So far through two games, the much maligned front seven of the Packers has absolutely stopped two elite running games dead in their tracks. The Bengals do get good production from the running back position, but they aren’t not on the level of the Redskins or 49ers. Overall, I expect this to be a very tough and good game that could go either way.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bus Trips to Lambeau Field | Packers Tickets and Tailgate

Tailgate Packers Games

Once again, Ticket King has bus trips to Lambeau Field for 2015. Packers tickets and tailgate can be part of your travel package too! Just because you live a few hundred miles from Green Bay doesn't mean you can't be part of the action. We're booking trips from Eau Claire, La Crosse, Madison, The Quad Cities, and more. Hop on the bus with your fellow Packers fans!

Packers Tickets And Tailgate Options

The buses leave the morning of the game, and get you to Lambeau Field with enough time for a great tailgate party.  We have teamed up with The Green Bay Distillery this season for tailgating before the noon games. The travel package includes tailgating, a game ticket, and transportation back to your city of origin. Departure times depend on the time it takes to arrive in Green Bay. Most trips give you two hours to enjoy a pre-game tailgate party.  Call our Ticket King Green Bay office at (800) 992-7328 for more details on the tailgate party, departure times, and ticket options.

Coming to Lambeau From Milwaukee? Depending on the game time, fans leaving Milwaukee will either tailgate at the Green Bay Distillery, or at  Major Goolsby's. Also included in the Milwaukee package is 50% off meals at Goolsby's when you return from the game. Check game time listings for each Packers home game, and give Ticket King a call. Go Packers!
Packers Tickets

Friday, September 13, 2013

Packers Versus Redskins Keys To The Game | Ticket King Wisconsin

Packers versus Redskins
Ticket King Green Bay invited Tim Bryce to give us his take on the Packers season opener. Take it away Tim! Well, that was an entertaining start to the 2013 season now wasn’t it? And for the bad news?  Now it's the Packers versus the Redskins. As for last Sunday, the Packers lost 34-28, but I do feel the Packers win that game if Casey Hayward and Morgan Burnett play. Now for the good news: That was probably the Packers most difficult game of the 2013 regular season. So for all of you out there who are already panicking, stop, take a deep breath, and relax. The worst is over. Time to move on. The Packers get to come home for their home opener, and they draw the Washington Redskins this weekend. Washington is coming off a Monday Night Football loss to Philadelphia, a game in which the Redskins looked pretty lethargic.
Can the Packers front seven defend the run again like they did in week one? Green Bay went to San Francisco prepared to stop the run, which is obvious based on how they played. The front seven held the 49ers elite running game in check, and refused to let Colin Kapernick run wild. The Redskins game plan entering this game is obvious; they are going to want to run the ball. Can the Packers stop them as well as the stopped the 49ers running game?

Eddie Lacy Comes Alive Late In The Game

In this first outing, rookie running back Eddie Lacy had a below average debut until that fourth quarter drive in which he had some nice runs and scored the touchdown that game the Packers a 28-24 lead. It’s not much, but it is something to build upon. I expect Lacy to be more of an integral part of the offense in this game.

The Packers basically played seven skill position players: Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless, Eddie Lacy, and John Kuhn. Now that they are passed the 49ers game, I expect more snaps from players like Jarrett Boykin, Ryan Taylor, Jon Franklin, and so on. The Packers cannot go the entire season playing just seven skill position players every game. These next few opponents will be an opportunity for them to get some real snaps for these other players.
Can the offensive line play that good again? Entering the season the Packers offensive line was one of the biggest question marks on this team. They played awesome against an elite San Francisco pass rush and gave Rodgers time to throw throughout the game. The Redskins pass rush isn’t as good, so I do expect them to keep this up, hopefully. At the end of the day, I fully expect the Packers to win this game. 31-17 final score.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Packers Give Few Hints Of Their True Potential During 2013 Preseason | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers Preseason 2013
After a long, and some would say uneventful, preseason the Packers are ready to get their 2013 regular season under way. No other team in the NFL looked more unspectacularly good or bad in the preseason than the Packers did. The Packers will begin week one with a trip back to San Francisco, the site of last year’s postseason debacle.

How will the offense look for a full 60 minutes? We still don’t know much about the Packers offense this season, because we haven’t seen it yet. The first team offense played very little during the preseason, and failed to score a touchdown. For some, the lack of scoring is the Packers biggest concern coming out of training camp. In what little we saw of Eddie Lacy, he looked good. I am interested in what he will look like over the course of an entire game. Jermichael Finley was probably the first team offense’s best player in training camp. I think he will have a good season. This game will also be our first look at Jordy Nelson, and our first real look at Randall Cobb as he evolves into a starter.

Have the defensive line issues really been fixed? Last season, the Packers defensive line was a big issue. This year, coming out of training camp, it appears to be a strength. Johnny Jolly’s return looks like a movie script in the making. If he really is back, and to the form he used to be, this has “Cinderella story” written all over it. Datone Jones looks good as well.  

Charles Woodson Moves On

How will the secondary play without Charles Woodson? We know that the secondary played the second half of last season without the presence of Charles Woodson. They still new he was going to play again. That’s not the case this season. Woodson is gone, and he’s not coming back. Now it is time to see how the secondary plays without the man who took care of business for half a decade. We hope that the Packers come out on top, but something tells us that they will lose by seven.