Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Who Should The Packers Pick Up for 2020 | Ticket King Green Bay

Green Bay Packers | Ticket King
The Green Bay Packers were the big winners of free agency last year, acquiring the “Smith Brothers,” offensive lineman Billy Turner, and safety Adrian Amos. Those free agents had massive impacts on the Packers stunning 13-3 season. Will the Packers repeat that again this offseason? They simply don’t have the salary cap room. Even if the desire is there, they have other priorities such as re-signing inside linebacker Blake Martinez and defensive lineman Kenny Clark. But they could take a look at some cheaper options to fill some gaps. Who would we like to see the Packers pursue? The following is a bit of a “bargain wish list” of players worthy of a look.

Randall Cobb/WR- Cobb had a decent season last year in Dallas. Perhaps bringing back the longtime Packer would be a good idea, especially since he and Rodgers already have instant chemistry.

Phillip Dorsett/WR- The former New England Patriots wide-out would come cheap and fit well in Matt LaFleur’s offense.

Jimmie Ward/S/49ers- The Packers need someone to cover tight ends and running backs. Yes, Ward is a free agent and is worth a visit, should he have interest in coming to Green Bay.

Kurt Coleman/S- Now here is a more reasonable option. The Packers have their two starters at the safety position for the foreseeable future. Coleman has made a career out of covering tight ends and running backs, and wouldn’t cost too much.

Since we have stated the Packers should find a veteran backup until they pick Rodger’s successor. Here are some options for that spot on the roster.

Colt McCoy- He has been one of the best backups in the league for a long time. Perhaps if he is healthy, the Packers should bring him in. He would fit very well in this offense and has played in a lot of games.

Case Keenum- Keenum has had an up and down career, but I think it is very clear now his 2017 season in Minnesota was fools gold. He is a solid backup, but he is not a starter in this league. The Packers would be wise to take a look.

Andy Dalton- This is based on the premise that the Bengals are going to release the “Red Rifle,” which is expected. If they do and the Packers pick him up, they are getting a quarterback to back up Rodgers who has played in a lot of games.

Taysom Hill- The Saints can’t keep both Bridgewater and Hill. I believe they will keep Bridgewater. If Hill hits the market, the Packers should swoop him up. We can’t think of a more perfect fit as a backup quarterback in Matt LaFleur's offense.

Friday, January 17, 2020

What Will it Take for Green Bay to Win the NFC Championship Game | Ticket King Green Bay

Ticket King Green Bay
What is it going to take for the Green Bay Packers to win the NFC Championship this weekend? Many things, for sure. What's changed since the Packers faced the 49ers in November? Many things. We won't get too deep into the weeds with this effort, but it's safe to say that both teams will be making adjustments.

First, Aaron Rodgers will (hopefully) not fumble the ball inside the Packers 20 yard line again. That was the spark for the 49ers last time. San Francisco seemed to be playing at a different level of speed after that fumble, and Green Bay couldn't match it. This game will feature two solid efforts by by the quarterbacks. LaFleur will be looking to get pocket time down to  milliseconds if need be, and Aaron will surely be making short, quick sideline passes to Adams, right from the get go. Doubling up on pass protection in the backfield will also be part of this game.

Tyler Ervin has put a wrinkle into the Green Bay offense, and the Packers return game. He might even peel off a return for a touchdown, shaking up the 49ers plans in a big way. Expect Jimmy Graham to get open in the flat this game, and Rodgers will have just enough time to get the ball to him. We're not talking huge gains, but those big ones on third down.

Finally, Rodgers has the experience. He knows what it's like to win in high pressure games. The Packers defense will pressure Garoppolo in this game, and possibly pick off a pass or two. We're not going to predict a win for the Packers, but rest assured, this game will not be a blowout for either team. Go Pack Go!