Friday, March 21, 2014

WWE - Theresea Caputo - Monster Jam All Come To The Resch Center Green Bay

Resch Center Events Green Bay
What's happening at the Resch Center this spring? Ticket King has a few events to tell you about. First there is the famous "Monster Jam" which will take place three times over April 5 - 6. There are a pair of shows listed for April 5, with start times being 2pm and 7:30pm.  Robo Machine, Grave Digger, and Cletus will all be there.  You might want to grab a couple of pit passes for that event, just to see how huge those monster trucks really are.

On April 14, Theresa Caputo comes to the Resch Center. For that event, the Resch Center will set up the stage in the middle of the main floor, so some of the best seats in the house will be just off center court, elevated. Try your luck with sections 222 - 223 and 207-208.  Caputo will bring her brand "entertainment" to Green Bay on April 14. She's best known for playing the role of a psychic, who has the ability to speak to those who have passed on.

Finally, we have WWE Smackdown coming to the Resch Center on June 10. WWE tickets for the Green Bay tour stop are on sale now.    


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Steelers 2014 Mock Draft From A Green Bay Packers Fan

Steelers Mock Draft 2014
As I continue to go mock draft nuts here on this draft, I am going to step outside of the Packers own division and take a look at other teams across the league. This week, let’s do a mock draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Packers opponent in their most recent Super Bowl victory. I have always had a soft spot for the Steelers, and they are one of my favorite teams outside of the Packers. This is based on no trades, and I would like to point out that the Steelers will probably trade back, as they have many needs and only six draft choices as of right now.

Round One: Marquise Lee/WR/USC- Big Ben is running low on targets to throw the ball to. Lee has the makings of a complete NFL wide receiver and would go a long way towards fixing that problem.

Round Two: Lamarcus Joyner/CB/Florida State- The Steelers need to get younger across the board on defense. Joyner, who was an integral member of the Florida State national championship team, just smells of a Steelers corner- nicely sized, tough, and physical.

Round Four: E.J. Gaines/CB/Missouri- Continuing our defensive theme about the Steelers needing to get younger across the board on defense, we go back to the cornerback position. The biggest area of need on defense for the Steelers in this department is defensive back, and Gaines would go a long way to fixing that.

Round Five: Kenny Ladler/FS/Vanderbilt- You didn’t think I was done on the defensive side of the ball, did you? Well, the Steelers also could use some depth at safety.

Round Six: Ed Stinson/DE/Alabama- No I’m not done yet on the defensive side of the ball. The Steelers could use some depth on the defensive line and Stinson has the size and skill to play defensive end in a 3-4 scheme.

Round Seven: Tevin Reese/WR/Baylor- Yet another wide receiver for Big Ben.