Friday, September 6, 2013

Packers Give Few Hints Of Their True Potential During 2013 Preseason | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers Preseason 2013
After a long, and some would say uneventful, preseason the Packers are ready to get their 2013 regular season under way. No other team in the NFL looked more unspectacularly good or bad in the preseason than the Packers did. The Packers will begin week one with a trip back to San Francisco, the site of last year’s postseason debacle.

How will the offense look for a full 60 minutes? We still don’t know much about the Packers offense this season, because we haven’t seen it yet. The first team offense played very little during the preseason, and failed to score a touchdown. For some, the lack of scoring is the Packers biggest concern coming out of training camp. In what little we saw of Eddie Lacy, he looked good. I am interested in what he will look like over the course of an entire game. Jermichael Finley was probably the first team offense’s best player in training camp. I think he will have a good season. This game will also be our first look at Jordy Nelson, and our first real look at Randall Cobb as he evolves into a starter.

Have the defensive line issues really been fixed? Last season, the Packers defensive line was a big issue. This year, coming out of training camp, it appears to be a strength. Johnny Jolly’s return looks like a movie script in the making. If he really is back, and to the form he used to be, this has “Cinderella story” written all over it. Datone Jones looks good as well.  

Charles Woodson Moves On

How will the secondary play without Charles Woodson? We know that the secondary played the second half of last season without the presence of Charles Woodson. They still new he was going to play again. That’s not the case this season. Woodson is gone, and he’s not coming back. Now it is time to see how the secondary plays without the man who took care of business for half a decade. We hope that the Packers come out on top, but something tells us that they will lose by seven. 

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