Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5 Green Bay Packers Named to Pro Bowl

The Green Bay Packers have 5 players named to the Pro Bowl. Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson, Clay Matthews, Chad Clifton and Nick Collins are all named starters. Aaron Rodgers and Tramon Williams are first alternates. Congrats to all the Packers that got named to the Pro Bowl. Last night the Packers may have gotten a little help making the Playoffs. The Eagles lost to the Vikings giving the Bears a first round bye, therefore the Bears might not play all their starters for a full game. I think the Pack will make the Playoffs and make some noise. Go Pack GO!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears Time Change

The Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears game-time has changed from noon to 3:15 this Sunday at Lambeau Field. So all Ticket King customers beware of the time change, and if anyone needs tickets we still have them available for sale, which could be the last game this year to catch a game at Lambeau Field.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ticket King Green Bay Has a Wish List for The Green Bay Packers For X-Mas

Ticket King Green Bay would like to make a wish list for the Green Bay Packers for Christmas.

  • Running Back
  • Water slide for Aaron Rodgers to practice sliding
  • New special teams coach
  • A watch for better clock management
  • duct tape for all the injuries
  • 2 wins so they make the playoffs/Super bowl
  • And of course cheese

Packers Verses Patriots | So Close but Yet So Far Away

Yet again the Packers came so close to victory but found away to lose again. The Packers have lost all 6 of their games this season by 4 points or less and that is hard to swallow. Yet again the special teams failed us, and the offense could not convert key short yardage situations. Not to mention the last 20 seconds of the game where no one seemed to know what to do or what was going on, has to fall on the teams preparation. I do have to give the Pack credit for playing their tails off against one of the best teams in the NFL. Even with the loss the Packers still can make the playoffs with 2 wins to finish the regular season. Get your Packers tickets for this Sundays game against the New York Giants which is going to be like a playoff game atmosphere. GO Pack GO!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Packers Continue On Despite Injury Woes

The Green Bay Packers roster has been depleted with injury's this year, but still have a shot at making the playoffs. I know its a long shot, but I have faith the Pack can pull it off with a little help. I hope Rodgers can play this weekend but its not looking so good. Here is a list of all the Packer players on injured reserve:

RBRyan Grant
LBNick Barnett
LBBrandon Chillar
OTMark Tauscher
LBBrady Poppinga
DEJustin Harrell
SDerrick Martin
TEJermichael Finley
DEMike Neal
SMorgan Burnett
TESpencer Havner
LBBrad Jones
CBJosh Bell

I think the Packers defense will play a lot of "man to man" and might slow down the Patriots just enough to pull out the upset. GO PACK GO!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rodgers and Pack knocked out

Aaron Rodgers suffered his second concussion of this season, and the Packers suffered a devastating loss to the lions. The Packers are now basically 2 games behind the Bears now, with another loss to a division foe. We need the Bears to lose to the Vikings next Monday night to give the Pack a chance at winning the division, and their wild card hopes took a shot down as well. Lets just hope Rodgers can play against the Patriots this weekend, even tho I don't know if it matters who is behind center against them. Pack got a real wake-up call and need to answer the bell the final 3 games of the season. Ticket King Green Bay has tickets left to the Packers last two home games which will decide if they make the playoffs or not.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Packers Possible Playoff Standings | Wisconsin Rose Bowl Tickets

With the Green Bay Packers beating the 49ers on Sunday they improved their record to 8-4 and currently out of the playoffs if they started today.

1. Atlanta Falcons (10-2) 
2. Chicago Bears (9-3) 
3. Philadelphia Eagles (8-4) 
4. St. Louis Rams (6-6) 
5. New Orleans Saints (9-3) 
6. New York Giants (8-4) 
7. Green Bay Packers (8-4) 
8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) 
9. Seattle Seahawks (6-6) 
10. Minnesota Vikings (5-7) 

The Giants would earn a playoff berth over the Packers because of their conference record, but the Packers can rectify that situation in Week 16 in the teams' head-to-head matchup. Meanwhile, by virtue of their No. 2 seed and their Week 12 defeat of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Bears have a nice chance to earn a first-round playoff bye if they continue winning. Its going to come down to the December/January run if the Pack want to make the playoffs, I think they will because I believe the Bears will falter down the stretch.

Also Ticket King has Rose Bowl Tickets for sale. Get them to see your very own Wisconsin Badgers take on TCU in what should be an epic game! TCU has a defense that gives up very few yards, and Wisconsin ranks fourth in the nation in scoring. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Packers To Wear Alternate Throwback Jersey

The Green Bay Packers will wear their alternate throwback jersey this Sunday against the 49ers at Lambeau Field. Get your tickets through Ticket King Green Bay to see the Packers beat down the 49ers.