Thursday, October 17, 2013

Packers Versus Browns Preview | Ticket King Green Bay For Packers Tickets

As of right now, the Packers are a banged up and beat up football team. Brad Jones, Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, James Jones, and Randall Cobb are all, at the moment, sitting on the sidelines with injuries. This leads me to question number one.

Who will play on Sunday? Well, let’s start with who we know will not play. We know that Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, and Randall Cobb will not play. What about Brad Jones and James Jones though? If either plays neither of them will be at 100%. Simply put, other plays, such as Jamari Lattimore, who played in the place of Brad Jones last Sunday and play rather well, need to step up to plate. With the injuries to Cobb and James Jones, Jarrett Boykin needs to step up and show us all why the coaches all seem to like him so much.

Can the running game continue to build momentum? The Packers are 1 yard from having a 100 yards rusher in four straight weeks. All of a sudden, the running game and the offensive line are the strengths of this team at the moment? How did that happen? Regardless, McCarthy needs to continue to rely on this newfound dominant running game.

Will Aaron Rodgers start playing better this week? Rodgers has not played well at all recently. His overall numbers are down, and he is missing open pass catchers that he would never miss. Rodgers needs to get it going soon or the Packers will be in big trouble.

Overall, despite the injuries, and despite poor play from Rodgers, I still expect the Packers to win this game, but not by as much as I thought they would in the preseason. Final Score 31-20. 

Packers Versus Browns Tickets
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