Tuesday, November 19, 2019

NFL Hot Takes Week Ten - Packers Defense Needs Improvement - Ticket King Green Bay

We are ten weeks into the NFL season, and we have plenty of stories that have unfolded. Time for some hot takes on all that is football in 2019.

Packers Defense- The Packers defense has too much talent to be playing as poorly as they have since the Eagles game. Coming into the game against Carolina, Kenny Clark stated that the defense has spent a lot more time watching film. Preston Smith noted that there is plenty of self criticism, and that members of the defense need to allow for some outside input on how they are playing. La Fleur mentioned that they were doing a lot of  “self scouting” in this department.

Packers Record- Through ten games the Packers are 8-2. Their over/under for the season was 7.5. That means with six games to go they have already beaten the spread. Let that one sink in.

Baker Mayfield- What we are seeing with Baker Mayfield is the difference between Aaron Rodgers sitting for three years and Aaron Rodgers playing from day one, as Mayfield has.
Granted, Mayfield isn’t waiting in the wings behind a Hall of Fame Quarterback like Brett Favre, and he’s playing for a team that has a first year head coach running the show. In fact, the differences between the Packers as an organization, and the Browns is probably putting more influence on how Mayfield acts on and off the field, than he was perceived to be in college ball. There have been plenty of cocky rookie first rounders in the NFL, but most of them settle in when they find out that their talent level in college is easily matched in the NFL.

Rams Personnel Moves- What in the world are the Rams doing? Trading two first-round draft choices for cornerback Jalen Ramsey was just the latest in a string of moves intended to build an “All-Star” team. How many All-Star teams have lifted the Lombardi trophy?

Jason Garrett- The last three minutes of the Cowboys/Vikings game on Sunday night was some of the worst clock management in recent years. Once they got into Vikings territory the Cowboys should have slowed it down and burned the clocked, either scoring a touchdown with six seconds left or losing the game. The hurried play calling showed, as the Vikings were ready for both of those draw plays to Elliott on second and third down.

Garder Minshew/Nick Foles- Coming out of their bye week here, the Jaguars will turn to Nick Foles. Yes, they just benched the rookie of the year Gardner Minshew.

Bears Quarterback Rumors- Mitch Trubisky was supposed to take that final big step this season after a promising 2018. Instead, he’s taken one giant step backward, and the Bears are ready to bail on him, according the rumors. Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Teddy Bridgewater, Marcus Mariota, and Joe Flacco have all been linked to the Bears for next season.