Thursday, May 28, 2015

Carrie Underwood Plays Summerfest 2015 | Ticket King Green Bay

Carrie Underwood will play Summerfest 2015 on July 2. This is one of the last Marcus Amphitheater headliners to be booked for the "World's Largest Music Festival." For country music fans, this booking is the fourth country act as a headliner, where most years we will only see three. If you add the Rolling Stones as an "eleventh" headliner, then the balance between musical styles is pretty close. Tickets for the Underwood show are on sale now. 

American Idol Star Makes It Big

 Underwood got her start as a contestant on American Idol.  She took the title just ten years ago, and has gone on to sell over fourteen million albums from her catalog.  She's released just four disks in ten years, and amassed nearly fifty music awards in that time. Her hit song "Jesus Take the Wheel" got the ball rolling.  Since that Idol win, Underwood has married an NHL pro, and just had her first child this past February.   

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ticket King NFL Power Rankings and Team Report

NFL Power Rankings
Now that the draft is officially over, the NFL “off season” is un-officially over. Every team has their 90 or so players. Now we begin the process of evaluating and getting that number down to 53 by week one. Here is our Ticket King, post “off season” power rankings.

1. Seattle Sehawks- This will be the last awesome year for Seattle, then it will be a quick fall to the bottom when all of those players start wanting their big contracts.
2. Green Bay Packers- They are always a trendy favorite this time of year. The team looks strong, and they haven’t lost too many players to free agency. Will the secondary be the weak spot? Not so much, now that they have addressed that issue in the draft.  
3. Indianapolis Colts- They have taken all the steps that a young team should take. Now the next step is to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Indianapolis
4. Baltimore Ravens- In our opinion, probably the biggest roadblock in the AFC to the Colts road to the Super Bowl this season.
5. Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers decided this off season to get back to their roots.  
6. Denver Broncos- Years from now we are going to look back and say Peyton Manning held on one year too long. Will he help the team get to the playoffs again next season? We don’t think so.
7. Cincinnati Bengals- At some point this bunch has to win a playoff game. One would think. 
8. Dallas Cowboys- It is only a matter of time before some writer predicts this team to win the Super Bowl. It happens every year, and there are so many sportswriters willing to look foolish come January.
9. Miami Dolphins- They are trying their best, maybe too hard, to a build a good team down there. This is their time (with everything going on in New England right now,) to take control of this division.
10. New England Patriots- Why so low? Well, we believe this team is a mess right now because of the whole football deflating scandal. They could find themselves 1-3 before Brady steps onto the turf.  
11. Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals are getting old, and are “all in” for 2015.
12. San Diego Chargers- The Chargers had a nice little offseason and could be a backdoor playoff candidate this year. Ignore the issues regarding Philip Rivers looking for a contract extension.
13. Carolina Panthers- Can the offense produce enough?
14. New York Giants- The re-rise (again) of the Giants starts this season.
15. Kansas City Chiefs- This is a very overrated football team. Andy Reid is a solid coach, but his time in the NFL is almost over.  
16. Minnesota Vikings- They are building something in Minnesota with Teddy Bridgewater. Once they figure out what to do with their running back issues, they might make a playoff run.
17. St. Louis Rams- The Rams could actually make the playoffs this season due to the arrival of Nick Foles.
18. Detroit Lions- The Lions really made a mess of themselves this offseason, and got a lot worse. Losing Suh was a given.
19. Philadelphia Eagles- See Lions above.
20. New Orleans Saints- This is an old team that is on its last legs in 2015.
21. Houston Texans- The Texans are without an adequate quarterback for 2015, and it will cost them. That’s what happens when you put all your money on a defensive player. Watt may be great, and they even got him into the offense last season, but he can’t be their QB as well.
22. Atlanta Falcons- Will a new head coach make a difference?
23. Oakland Raiders- Believe it or not, the Raiders may finally be on the rise.
24. Buffalo Bills- They will be entertaining, if nothing else.
25. San Francisco 49ers- Right now it is “abandon ship” In the Bay Area. A new coach, players that have to decide if they are actually going to play for Jim Tomsula.  
26. Chicago Bears- Nobody really knows what direction the Bears are headed right now. Cutler is still on the team, and that could hurt them.
27. Tennessee Titans- They finally have a quarterback!  
28. Cleveland Browns- What direction are the Browns headed? And who will play quarterback?
29. Jacksonville Jaguars- They are building something in Jacksonville. Sadly, Dante Fowler Jr. will sit out the entire season. A torn ACL for the Jaguars first round draft pick is not what fans hoped for.  
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- They have a mega-talent at quarterback now. But will he behave? 
31. New York Jets- Can they ever get out of this slump they are in?

32. Washington Redskins- This team is battling distractions, and the owner that may have created them. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Green Bay Packers 2015 Schedule and Predictions | Ticket King Inc.

Packers 2015 Game By Game Schedule

Prior to the NFL draft last weekend, the NFL released the schedule for the upcoming season for all 32 teams. Here is our review of that schedule.  Will the Packers go on to win the NFC North once again? 

Week 1 @ Chicago- The Packers will begin the 2015 season by charging up their age old rivalry, the oldest in the NFL, with the Chicago Bears. This should be a winnable game for the Packers.

Week 2 Seattle- The Packers home opener will be against the Seattle Seahawks, and you all know the story of what happened in the NFC Championship game. The Packers will be out for revenge in this one.

Week 3 Kansas City- The Packers will stay home for week three and take on their first AFC opponent of the season, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Week 4 @ San Francisco- The Packers will meet up with the 49ers again this season. However, this is not the same 49ers team they have been able to solve in years past. The Packers should win this one.

Week 5- St. Louis- The Packers will come back home to take on the St. Louis Rams in week five. This should be another winnable game for the Packers.

Week 6- San Diego- Week six sees the Packers officially begin the meat of their schedule, beginning with a home game against San Diego.

Week 8 @ Denver- After a bye week, the Packers will travel to the Mile High City to take on the Broncos for week eight.

Week 9 @ Carolina- The Packers will travel to Carolina this year to take on the Panthers.

Week 10 Detroit- In week 10 the Packers will come back home for the first of four straight divisional games. This one sees them take on the Detroit Lions. This will be the Packers first game against Detroit in which the Lions will be without Ndamukong Suh.

Week 11 @ Minnesota- In week 11 the Packers will come travel to Minnesota and reignite the most hate-filed rivalry in American sports today with the Minnesota Vikings.

Week 12 Chicago- Week 12 will see part two of the 2015 version of Packers-Bears. Oh yeah, it will happen on Thanksgiving night. 

Week 13 @ Detroit- The Packers will turn right back around and travel to Detroit for round two.

Week 14 Dallas- The Boys come to Lambeau for week 14.

Week 15 @ Oakland- The Packers will get a late season chance to travel to the West Coast and beat up on the Raiders.

Week 16 @ Arizona- In week 16 the Packers will travel to Arizona and take on the Cardinals, who are “all in” for 2015.

Week 17 Minnesota- The Packers will finish off the regular season at home against the Minnesota Vikings on January 3. Hopefully the Packers will have secured home-field advantage by this point so we can see Scott Tolzien play.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Packers Go With Damarious Randall In First Round of the 2015 NFL Draft | Ticket King Inc.

The Packers made their first round pick last night, albeit a pick that came very late in the order.  Green Bay chose Damarious Randall, a safety from Arizona State. After looking at the selection extensively, our man T.J. Bryce, who wrote up our Green Bay 2015 Draft post realized this is old crafty "CIA Ted" at it once again. Rather than reach for corner he doesn't like, Thompson chose to draft the best cover safety in the draft, Arizona State's Damarious Randall.

Randal has extensive experience playing corner, and Thompson plans to put him in that position. The only reason as to why Randall was listed as a safety is because the Sun Devils wanted their best defensive back playing that position a year ago. The more Bryce looks at this selection, the more he likes it