Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Packers Tickets for Upcoming Lions Game at Ford Field Still Available | Ticket King Inc.

Packers vs Vikings 2016
The Packers won their fifth straight game this weekend, defeating the Minnesota Vikings 38-25. Green Bay was ahead 38-13 before the Vikings scored a couple of late touchdowns. For the Packers, the win sets up a “winner-take-all” showdown in Detroit against the Lions next week, a game that has already been flexed to Sunday Night Football. Packers vs Lions tickets are in demand, as both teams have so much to play for. It’s going to be an exciting night at Ford Field this Sunday!

For the Vikings, that loss ends their season, as they have been eliminated from playoff contention. The Vikings, who started 5-0, are just 2-8 in their last 10 games, and there is a serious rebellion going on against head coach Mike Zimmer right now. If what is being reported is true, and what the players decided to do against the Packers this weekend, their actions do not help matters.

Remember how he was the worst “statistical” quarterback in the league a month into the season? Those naysayers are long gone. He's back. This past Saturday, he put together another elite performance. Rodgers finished the day 28 of 38 for 347 yards and four touchdowns. He made a clear case for MVP, but the four game losing streak earlier in the season may put a damper thinks. We’ll see what the injury to Derek Carr does for voting, and the Cowboys have two rookies that are certainly in contention.

Jordy Nelson played with fire last weekend, finishing the game nine catches, for 154 yards and two touchdowns. Nelson was wide open for most of the first half, and now we know why. Apparently, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer had put together a game plan for Jordy Nelson, and the players decided they were going to do something else. Going against Zimmer’s plan cost the team the game, as they didn’t “see the light” until the second half, and by then it was too late.

It was also important for Adams to bounce back from dropping to easy touchdown passes. He wasn't great, but he wasn't bad either. Adams finished the day with four catches for 44 yards and a touchdown.

With Randall Cobb taking the day off to heal up, Geronimo Allison got the opportunity for more playing time. He finished the game with four catches for 66 yards. Allison gives the Packers another productive player to rotate on and off the field. Since the start of training camp, Allison has gone from eighth on the depth chart to fourth.

On Defense, this is Nick Perry’s best season to date. After a recent injury, it was imperative that the Packers get him back on the field as soon as possible. Perry finished the game with two sacks, bringing his total to 10 on the season.

Ty Montgomery, the converted wide receiver could have had the chance to break out against the Vikings, but Minnesota is a solid team against the run, on the road. Strangely, they are almost a top ten team against the run, on the road.  At home, they seem to give up more yards. With that, fans should not have expected him to pop off 150 yards yet again. The game plan turned into a pass crazy afternoon, and Montgomery wasn’t necessarily the “go to” guy.

During this entire win streak, the Packers have built sizable leads, and let the opposition make some fourth quarter noise, making the game closer than it seems. Dom Capers lightens up on the blitzes late in the game, choosing to protect the backfield, and that can make it seem like the defense is taking their foot off the gas pedal. It’s more about giving up some yardage and making sure that the cornerbacks have help, keeping the quick scores out of reach. Expect the Lions to play their best game of the season this Sunday night. The same goes for Green Bay.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Packers Win at Home and get to .500 | Seahawks Tickets On Sale Now

Packers Tickets
The Green Bay Packers dug deep this past Sunday and found a way to win against the Texans. Yes, the Texans have just about as many injured players as the Packers, but for both teams it was a "must win" situation. The Packers secondary had less to worry about this game, as the blitz forced The Texans QB to throw sooner than he hoped. Green Bay also had two huge drives, a 98 and 89 yard effort that sealed the win.  Now it's up to the Packers to stop Seattle in their tracks.

Packers vs Seahawks tickets are available now. All seats are guaranteed, and can be shipped overnight via FedEx. Pick up is also available in our Green Bay office, just across the street from Lambeau Field.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Green Bay Packers 2017 Mock Draft

Packers mock draft 2017
The Green Bay Packers lost again last week, this time on the road against the Washington Redskins. This drops the Packers to 4-6 on the season. There are massive changes coming to this organization at the end of the season, so we thought it might be a good time to do our annual check in on the Packers draft prospects for next May. All draft choices are based on us expecting the Packers to draft somewhere between the 10th or 15th spot in each round.

Round One: Teez Tabor/CB/Florida- Yes, that is the name of an actual person, not a gamer tag or screen name. With all of the injuries and the way the season has played out, the Packers top need suddenly switches to corner back. Quinten Rollins and Damarious Randall, who has been injured for most of the season, are good, but in this passing league, you need a lot of good in the secondary. Sam Shields may never play again, so the Packers need a top shut down corner. Tabor is a top of the depth chart all-pro shutdown type of corner, and the Packers need that.

Round Two: Royce Freeman/RB/Oregon- The Eddie Lacy era in Green Bay should be over. The Packers have given him every chance in the world, and this latest injury didn't help. The final straw should be the report that he gained back all the weight he lost during the offseason. At 5'11”, 230 pounds, Freeman is big bruiser who would fit well in the cold weather of Green Bay.

Round Three: Carlos Watkins/DT/DE/Clemson- At 6'5”, 305 pounds, Watkins is the prototypical collegiate defensive tackle who get's moved to a 3-4 end in the NFL. The Packers could use some fresh bodies up front, and Watkins would allow the Packers to move Kenny Clark back inside, where they want him.

Round Four: Tyrone Crowder/OG/Clemson- The Packers need to shore up the interior of the offensive line. At 6'2”, 340 pounds, Crowder is a big athletic guard who translates well to the NFL. In a year or two, he could replace T.J. Lang, on the left side of the line.

Round Five: Marlon Mack/RB/South Florida- The Packers need running backs, and they need them badly right now. Mack would offer a change of pace to Freeman.

Round Six: Cam Serigne/TE/Oregon- The Packers could use a third tight end as well out of this draft. Serigne is a blocking tight end who would fit that role.

Round Seven: Austin Rehkow/P/Idaho- The best punter in this draft and the Packers need one.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Resch Center Globetrotters Tickets On Sale

Globetrotters tickets
Coming to the Resch Center in December, it's The Harlem Globetrotters. The date is set for December 30th. The event is on the front end of their 2017 world tour, and the team is stopping at over 100 cities across the globe. Ticket King has great Globetrotters tickets on sale now. This family event can't be missed. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Grading the Packers Like You Grade the Stock Market

This idea of using a “Stock Market Report” to review a game seems to be trending lately. So naturally, we decided to give it a try, while covering one of the worst Packers games in a very long time.


Blue Chip Stocks

Davante Adams/WR- The Packers offense has been playing much better lately. Much of it has to do with the emergence of Davante Adams as one of the best pass catchers in the league. Adams had six catches for 156 yards today. Adams has put his nightmare 2015 well behind him, and is on his way to a Pro Bowl, maybe even an All-Pro award.

 Jordy Nelson/WR- Nelson had a great day moving the chains. He finished the day with 12 catches for 126 yards and a touchdown. I don't understand why the Packers insist on calling deep balls to him though. He no longer has the speed or vertical for them. As I have been saying all along, he is a smart veteran who can move the chains for this offense. That is his new role, and they need to let him settle into that role, which means stop forcing him into vertical routes he can't run anymore.

 Solid Investments

Aaron Rodgers/QB- This is the man the Packers are paying all of that money to. Rodgers had another good day, going 31 of 51 for 370 and two touchdowns. Ignore the two interceptions; he had to throw both of those balls up for grabs. I will say this. The Packers recent struggles are not his fault.

 Junk Bonds

James Starks- First of all, I would like to thank Starks for his many years of service to the Packers. He has been in and out of starting lineup, and has been dependable as both a starter and second back for a long time now. But, Father Time is not kind to athletes, especially running backs, and Father Time has come for James Starks.

 The Entire Defense Today- I know injuries have derailed this defense. I just have one thing to say though. They gave up 47 points to the Titans. Let that one marinate for a while.

Buy: Injuries are to blame for the defensive problems right now- Yes, at one point during this rough stretch, the Packers were down their top three corners, three greats ones at that, and Ladarius Gunter found himself covering maybe the best receiver in the league in Julio Jones. If the Packers were fully healthy on defense, today, as well as the last two weeks, may have gone much differently.

 Sell: The injuries are the only reason this defense is playing so bad- Yes, the injuries have been a problem, but come on, the team gave up 47 points. These guys are professionals. At some point, they have to get off the field. What happened to the supposed best run defense in the league? I know Matthews is a big loss in that front seven, but other than Clay, it's not like this front seven is hurting injury-wise.


Buy: Aaron Rodgers is playing much better- Yes, this is a lot better than he was for pretty much a year there, where he was possibly the worst quarterback in the league statistically.


Sell: Aaron Rodgers is playing like an MVP- At the same time, Rodgers is still going through stretches of play where is he getting outplayed.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Packers One Point Short, but Very Impressive on Sunday | Ticket King Green Bay

Ticket King Green BayWe chose to go to our man T.J. Bryce for his thoughts on last Sunday’s Packers – Falcons game.
“Shocked, stunned, happy, sad, kicked in the stomach, content, satisfied, then nothing.”

Those were the thoughts swirling around in my head after Sunday’s 33-32 loss on the road, against the Atlanta Falcons. The Packers, missing half their team, traveled to Atlanta  to take on one of the league's best. The Packers, much like the divisional playoff game in Arizona back in January, were facing insurmountable odds.

And much like on that warm January Saturday night in the desert, they almost did the impossible.

Indeed the Packers nearly did the unthinkable. Missing Sam Shields, Damarious Randall, Quinten Rollins, Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, Ty Montgomery, Jared Cook, Eddie Lacy, and James Starks, they went into Atlanta, supposed to lose by three touchdowns.

They came up one point short of making the front page headlines of every sports page in America Monday morning. This Packers team is strange, and I mean STRANGE. It appears as if this team is at its best when they are facing impossible odds. For a team whose criticism of them for being sloppy and not giving a full effort most of the time is both well known and publicized, they are at their best when the deck is stacked against them. When they are expected to win, they lay an egg, when they are expected to lose big, they almost pull off the unthinkable. This is, at sometimes, bi-polar team. 

It's sad to lose that game, because the man we have all been waiting for came to play that afternoon. That was Aaron Rodgers. That was the National Football League's two-time Most Valuable Player. That was, some would say, the best football player in the NFL. That game was indeed all of those things, as Aaron played his best game in two years. The swagger was back, the sideways smile was back, his “Aaronness” was in top form on Sunday. Two weekends back, Rodgers played a solid game, and it was his best game in a year. This week, Rodgers played his best game in two years, and this was an MVP performance. Those weren't quick passes either, Aaron was throwing hay-makers yesterday.

An offense that was without Eddie Lacy, James Starks, Ty Montgomery, and Randall Cobb, played their best game in over a year. Maybe this team is better off without Lacy, much like the Minnesota Vikings (up until Monday night,) are better off without Adrian Peterson at this point. In two games without Lacy, this offense has looked much better than they were with him in a long time. Without all of those players, all of these young mega-talented receivers showed us how good they can be. Trevor Davis caught a touchdown pass and had a big punt return. Jeff Janis caught a couple of passes and a touchdown. Geronimo Allison, who is big, fast, and who they really like, just called up off the practice squad this week, caught a touchdown pass. Aaron is finally starting to trust these young receivers, and that is a very good thing for the Packers going forward. And when did Davante Adams suddenly become the best receiver in the league? How did that happen? In the last two games Adams has 25 catches. Adams has now become the Packers ace receiver, and Jordy Nelson fans need to accept that.

Speaking of Nelson, yes he had a good game yesterday statistically, but he will never again be the same player he was before. On that big completion on the first drive, if this were three years ago, he would have scored a touchdown on that play. Nelson no longer has that “see you later, nice chatting with you, but I gotta’ run” burst that he had pre-torn ACL. On the play in the fourth quarter where he almost blew a first down trying to cut it to the outside, once again, three years ago, he would have pulled that off. But this is not 2013, this is 2016, and Jordy Nelson is a 31-year-old man coming off a torn ACL, whose calling card has been speed and jump ball. He will never again be that player. The question is, will he accept a Donald Driver role going forward, as these young receivers hopefully start reaching their full potential, as they have been showing us the last six quarters? Time will tell.

There was  much to say about the defense. Missing their top three corners and their best player, this defense was not expected to keep up with Atlanta. Ladarius Gunter, a second year former UDFA player, came into the season expecting to be the Packers dime corner. On Sunday, he found himself on the top of the depth chart going up against the best wide receiver in the league. Gunter did as good of a job as he could, and should get an award for courage. The Packers may have found their new Al Harris. Tough, gritty, and doesn't back down for anybody. Yes the Packers lost by one point, but there is a lot to build on going forward, which is not what could be said about this team just a few weeks ago.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Packers vs Giants Game Preview | Ticket King Green Bay

Ticket King
The Green Bay Packers are coming off an early bye week at 2-1, with only one good half of football to show for it. This week, they get the 2-2 New York Giants, who are coming off a loss against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football.

Aaron Rodgers hasn't looked right in a long time. In less than one year he has gone from MVP to league-average. If the Packers are going anywhere, he needs to pick it up. Eddie had a strong second half against Detroit two weeks ago. In fact, Eddie Lacy ended up with his first 100-yard rushing game since the middle of last season as a result. Through three games this season, his carries have been limited for some reason. Perhaps they are trying to keep his numbers down until he gets a contract extension? Unlikely though. More likely they are trying to keep him fresh, without risking losing games as a result. Remember, running backs have short shelf life.

“Will somebody for get open for crying out loud!” Says just about every Packers fan. We know, Jordy Nelson had a 100-yard receiving game two weeks ago. But to some he looked less than impressive doing so, and it was against the worst secondary in the league. As we said, Aaron needs to play better, but pass catchers getting open would help. Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, Jared Abbrederis, Trevor Davis, Ty Montgomery, Jeff Janis, Jared Cook, Richard Rodgers, somebody, anybody, needs to get open.

Can the pass rush get to Eli Manning? Eli Manning has been two different quarterbacks his entire career. He is able to pick up the stunt blitz very well, but he has issues against the delayed blitz. To make a long story short, when he is getting hit, he looks like the worst quarterback in the league. When he isn't, he can go toe to toe with anyone any day of the week.

Can the Packers secondary hold up? Sam Shields will miss another game because of that concussion, and from what we understand, his career may need to come to an end because of it. Add to that Damarious Randall is questionable. They have the makings for some serious problems back there. If the secondary can hold up, then the Packers should be able to win this game.

Final Score: Right now all we have is one good half of football against maybe the worst defense in the league to go off of. But, the numbers tell us the Packers should win this game 27-17. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Packers vs Vikings Game Preview | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers vs Vikings
The Green Bay Packers are coming off a successful start to their season. In week one, they went on the road, and defeated a really good young Jacksonville Jaguars team 27-23, stopping the Jaguars on 4th and 1 late to win the game. This week, they travel to Minnesota to take on theVikings, and this is a significant game because the Vikings are opening U.S. Bank Stadium. Here is T.J. Bryce's preview.

Can Aaron Rodgers improve on his week one performance? Aaron Rodgers had an average but good enough start to his season, going 20-34 for 199 yards and two touchdowns. He will need to play better this week for the Packers to win this game.

What about Eddie Lacy? Eddie Lacy's well documented off-season saw him lose almost 30 pounds of fat. Lacy came back slimmer and better. He opened his 2016 campaign with a 14 carry, 61 yard performance in week one in Jacksonville. Not the worst start, but not really what he was looking for. He will need to play better.

Can Davante Adams continue to build positive momentum? Let's be honest, Davante Adams had a nightmare 2015. Statistically, he was the worst receiver in the league. He caught one touchdown pass all last season. In week one, he had three catches for 50 yards and a touchdown. It was a decent, positive start. He will need to build on that.

What about Jordy? Jordy Nelson, in his “grand return” had six catches for 32 yards and a touchdown. T be honest, it wasn't that great. So many people are expecting this man to return to form just because. I say let's see what happens.

Can the secondary rebound from its shaky week one performance? This is supposed to be one of the best secondary line up in the league. In week one, Blake Bortles went 24 of 29 for 320 yards and one touchdown to go along with one interception. Bortles is one of the rising stars in this league, so we have to give him that. Playing a Minnesota team whose passing game at the moment is almost nonexistent will help correct some of those issues. What will not help is the absence of Sam Shields, who is doubtful as he is still in concussion protocol.

Final Score: All the calculations say the Packers win this game by 10 points, 27-17. The incalculable factors say that the Vikings will win because they are opening a new stadium and the emotion will be pouring out of the building. I live by my calculations, and I will die by my calculations.

Final Score: 27-17 Packers, although I'm not confident. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Who Will Start for the Green Bay Packers in 2016 | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers 2016 Roster
This is our first foray into who should be a Packers starter, second and third string players. We “NFL pundits at Ticket King Green Bay would set the Packers depth chart just like this:

1. Aaron Rodgers- Stop laughing.
2. Brett Hundley- The Packers are looking for Hundley to take big steps forward this season.
3. Joe Callahan- Headed to the practice squad.

1. Eddie Lacy- He lost a ton of weight this off season, and looks as good as ever so far in practice.
2. James Starks- How much more does Starks have left in his tank?
3. John Crockett- Against what I thought, the Packers appear to give the speed demon from North Dakota State a second season.

1. Aaron Ripkowski- Takes over for fan favorite John Kuhn this season.

1. Richard Rodgers- Still remains the starter, but won't have to do it all this season.
2. Jared Cook- The Packers “big” free agent signing.
3. Kennard Backman- The 7th round project from last year enters year two.

1. Jordy Nelson- We’re still nervous about that ACL.
2. Randall Cobb- Always injured, and this season, is coming back from a broken sternum.
3. Davante Adams- The Packers, unlike most of their fans, really believe in this guy.
4. Jeff Janis- Appears to be making the coaches happy during offseason workouts, and so far in training camp.
5. Ty Montgomery- The return specialist is still having problems with that high knee sprain.
6. Trevor Davis- Another speed demon.
7. Jared Abbredaris- A fan favorite, but if the Packers keep an extra player at another position he is the odd man out.

T: David Bakhtiari- The former 4th round draft choice just gets better and better with each game.
T: Brian Bulaga- One more injury and the Packers may finally have had enough.
G: Josh Sitton- Still the best interior lineman in the game.
G: T.J. Lang- A solid professional, keeps the curtain up and does his job. You can’t have All-Pro's at every position.
C: Corey Linsley- On his way to becoming the best center in the business soon.
6. J.C. Tretter- A super-athletic lineman with high intelligence. An ideal "supersub".
7. Jason Spriggs- The second round draft choice could take over for Bulaga at some point.
8. Kyle Murphy- A smart tackle from Stanford. He will provide good depth.
9. Don Barclay- A perfect swingman with experience.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Green Bay Packers 2016 Training Camp Preview

Packers training camp
The Long wait is over. Football season is finally here! We can sense your excitement already. The Green Bay Packers opened training camp today, which means the 2016 NFL season is officially under way. The Packers and Colts open early because they are going to play in the Hall of Fame game to begin the preseason. Here is a quick index of what to look for throughout training camp.

First and foremost, there is “The Great One,” Aaron Rodgers. Recently head coach Mike McCarthy said Rodgers is in the best shape of his career. You want to know something funny? We here at Ticket King have a theory about older athletes. Our theory was that older athletes are in better physical condition because men, as they age, tend to feel a need to take better care of themselves, and for good reason. When a guy is 19-years-old, for the most part, he doesn't care about anything except how much fun he can have that day. When men hit that age 30, all of a sudden, this light bulb goes on that they need to take better care of themselves. Maybe that is what happened to Aaron Rodgers. The bigger question though, is can he bounce back from the worst season of his career since winning the Super Bowl in 2011? Some signs point to “no.”

Jordy Nelson, who was expected to return from injury, is now on the PUP list due to a new injury to his knee. It’s tough to depend on a 31-year-old wide receiver, coming off a torn ACL, with a history of hamstring and knee issues, to return to form. They do however, have a bunch of young, talented receivers. That's the good news. The bad news is these are the same receivers that were pathetically inept at times last season. The good news is they add 5th round rookie Trevor Davis to the mix this season, and he can fly. Oh can he fly. The bad news is his chances of having an immediate impact on the offense are slim. The good news overall though, is these guys are young and talented. So stay tuned.

On defense, they will be looking to move Clay Matthews back outside full time. We’re not sure if  we like this idea. The numbers may not have shown it, and this is why we wish the NFL would embrace the modern era of “moneyball” and super-advanced Sabermetrics, but Clay Matthews had his best season as a pro in 2016 playing a hybrid role. They get Sam Barrington back, also Jake Ryan has a full season under his belt, and Blake Martinez has solid pro and tackling machine written all over him, so the inside linebacker situation may be in better hands then we think. Back in the secondary, the best trio of safeties in the game, Micah Hyde, Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix, and Morgan Burnett are ready to go. On the outside, the Packers top two draft choices from a year ago, first rounder Damarious Randall, and second rounder Quinten Rollins, are poised for huge second seasons after outstanding rookie campaigns.

Monday, July 18, 2016

NFL Rookie of the Year Predictions | Ticket King

NFL Rookie of the Year 2016
As we continue to preview the 2016 season, we turn our attention to preseason lists. Who will be the Rookie of the Year for 2016? We really don’t know, but here’s our best guess.

Ezekiel Elliot/RB/Cowboys- As we began the 2016 season, Elliot is the obvious choice to go at the top of the list. The Cowboys made Elliot the 4th choice overall in the draft. Not only is he expected to contribute immediately, but he will start, and be the main focal point of the offense from day one. Remember though, this is the same man that once through the entire Ohio State football program under the bus.

Joey Bosa/DE/Chargers- The Chargers made Bosa the first defensive player off the board when they took him at 3rd overall. Bosa never tallied double-digit sacks at Ohio State, but as we all know, when you are building a list of college players in regard to the draft, it's not always about their stats. Bosa will be expected to be a big contributor immediately.

Eli Apple/CB/Giants- The Giants spent the off season rebuilding what has perhaps the worst defensive in the entire league a year ago. They needed a cornerback in round one, so they drafted Ohio State's Eli Apple 11th overall. Apple will start right away, and will be asked to match-up against the other team's best wide receiver.

Will Fuller/WR/Texans- The Texans big off season move was signing quarterback Brock Osweiler to a 75 million dollar contract. Osweiler is a big dude with a rocket arm, so naturally, you go get him a speed demon. Fuller can go deep with the best of him, and will be expected to do that from day one.

Karl Joseph/S/Raiders- The Raiders needed a safety in round one, and got the best pure safety on the board in West Virginia's Karl Joseph. He will be asked to start from day one, and is as sure of a thing as a great pro, as any player in this draft.

Lequon Treadwell/WR/Vikings- The Vikings had the worst receiver corps in the league a year ago. Case closed. So they spent their first round draft choice on the big man from Mississippi. Treadwell will be asked to step in, and be the number two from day one, and with focus on Stefon Diggs, Treadwell could put up some good numbers as a rookie.

Kenny Clark/DT/Packers- Following the stunning retirement of B.J. Raji, the Packers had a massive hole left in the middle of their offensive line. Clark will be asked to fill that hole from day one, and has scheme familiarity, as the scheme he was in at UCLA is stunningly similar to the one used by Dom Capers in Green Bay. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Who will be the 2016 Most Valuable Quarterback? | Ticket King Green Bay

NFL 2016 MVP for Quarterbacks
Before we start doing specific NFL training camp previews, we thought it might be a good time to throw a list out there of potential MVP candidates. You will notice Tom Brady is absent from this list. It is looking all but guaranteed he will serve his suspension so that eliminates him now.

Aaron Rodgers/QB/Packers- Any MVP list starts with this man at this point in time. Honestly, he's going to have another good season, but he won't win it, unless those young receivers all start showing us how good they really are, which I don't think they will. Will be among those considered though.

Derek Carr/QB/Raiders- This is our dark horse. This is our "look out" candidate. This is the NFL's next great quarterback. But does "next" mean 2016? Perhaps.

Carson Palmer/QB/Cardinals- We thought his career was done over five years ago. How wrong we all were. He has returned with a vengeance, has overcome so much, and late in his career has become an MVP candidate. It's now or never though.

Cameron Newton/QB/Panthers- The reigning league MVP will have another good season, but he won't repeat 2015. He will be on the ballot, but we don't think he will win it.

Russell Wilson/QB/Seahawks- Wilson had a late surge last season to backdoor his way into bottom of the MVP ballot. Still,  we don't think that is a sign of things to come. we still believe he is a product of the team he plays on. Another solid candidate, but we don't think he will win it.

Ben Roethlisberger/QB/Steelers- Big Ben has gotten better with age, as he has gotten more command over the game itself. This is the favorite heading into the preseason.

Eli Manning/QB/Giants- Call us crazy if you wish, but with a rebuilt defense, and that powerful offense, this could be Manning's best season as a pro.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Worst Quarterbacks in the NFL for 2016 | Ticket King Green Bay

Worst NFL QuarterbacksLast week, we heard from TJB on his top 15 NFL quarterbacks. Naturally, we had to ask him how the bottom half stacked up. So Ticket King Green Bay has give him the "microphone" and told him to get us the lowdown on the lowest of the low in the NFL.

16. Brock Osweiler- After outplaying Peyton Manning and getting benched, this young gun stuck his middle finger to the Broncos and bolted for Houston on a big free agent deal. The Texans paid a lot of money for him, so he will get a very long leash.
17. Matthew Stafford- This is one of the more intriguing players in sports. He has loads of talent and a big arm. But  for the longest of time the Lions have been a one trick pony on offense. Now that one trick pony is gone, with Calvin Johnson's retirement. Perhaps this will force the Lions to diversify?
18. Jameis Winston- Showed me a ton in 2015. Maturity, control, and command of not only his team, but himself.
19. Marcus Mariota- Showed me a ton as well. You could flip him and Winston back and forth all day on my list.
20. Tony Romo- One more injury from calling it a career.
21. Blake Bortles- Has shown me very little to suggest he will be anything other than average.
22. Jared Goff- A young talent with a rocket arm, Goff is the only rookie who is guaranteed to start week one with no looking over his shoulder.
23. Drew Brees- This year's old quarterback who is hanging on too long. He simply can't play anymore, and needs to call it a career. He won't because of the money though.
24. Jay Cutler- The ultimate version of the hot/cold player. When he is bad, he is really, REALLY bad. When he is good, he is really, REALLY good, as in MVP good.
25. Alex Smith- I don't know how this man is a still a starting quarterback in this league. The Chiefs need to find another quarterback and move on from this walking piece of average mediocrity. 
26. Mark Sanchez- He is saying and doing all the right things since arriving in Denver this off season. Just one problem, he isn't very good, and will be constantly looking over his shoulder at rookie Paxton Lynch.
27. Tyrod Taylor- The former Ravens backup had a solid season in Buffalo, but is by no means the long term answer.
28. Ryan Fitzpatrick- A career journeyman who has a good season is still a free agent because he wants money he just simply doesn't deserve. He needs to take what the Jets give him and get his butt back into the team facilities.
29. Ryan Tannehill- 2016 will the last chance for this former high first round draft choice. If not, then it will be time for the Dolphins to find someone else.
30. Sam Bradford- An NFL backup quarterback with the attitude of a college star, Bradford's career has been full of injuries and average play. The Eagles gave up a ton to draft Carson Wentz, and it's only a matter of time before he sees the field.
31. Colin Kaepernick- This off season he threw a fit over the 49ers commitment to him, despite bad play on his end. Now he has decided to stay for the time being, and new head coach Chip Kelly, who should have headed back to the college game, has to figure out how to get him on board. This can't end well.
32. Robert Griffin- After an epic saga came to an end in Washington, Griffin now heads to Cleveland, the place where all players go to die. He will simply be a placeholder, and could be back on the bench by the end of the season in favor of third round rookie Cody Kessler.