Monday, July 18, 2016

NFL Rookie of the Year Predictions | Ticket King

NFL Rookie of the Year 2016
As we continue to preview the 2016 season, we turn our attention to preseason lists. Who will be the Rookie of the Year for 2016? We really don’t know, but here’s our best guess.

Ezekiel Elliot/RB/Cowboys- As we began the 2016 season, Elliot is the obvious choice to go at the top of the list. The Cowboys made Elliot the 4th choice overall in the draft. Not only is he expected to contribute immediately, but he will start, and be the main focal point of the offense from day one. Remember though, this is the same man that once through the entire Ohio State football program under the bus.

Joey Bosa/DE/Chargers- The Chargers made Bosa the first defensive player off the board when they took him at 3rd overall. Bosa never tallied double-digit sacks at Ohio State, but as we all know, when you are building a list of college players in regard to the draft, it's not always about their stats. Bosa will be expected to be a big contributor immediately.

Eli Apple/CB/Giants- The Giants spent the off season rebuilding what has perhaps the worst defensive in the entire league a year ago. They needed a cornerback in round one, so they drafted Ohio State's Eli Apple 11th overall. Apple will start right away, and will be asked to match-up against the other team's best wide receiver.

Will Fuller/WR/Texans- The Texans big off season move was signing quarterback Brock Osweiler to a 75 million dollar contract. Osweiler is a big dude with a rocket arm, so naturally, you go get him a speed demon. Fuller can go deep with the best of him, and will be expected to do that from day one.

Karl Joseph/S/Raiders- The Raiders needed a safety in round one, and got the best pure safety on the board in West Virginia's Karl Joseph. He will be asked to start from day one, and is as sure of a thing as a great pro, as any player in this draft.

Lequon Treadwell/WR/Vikings- The Vikings had the worst receiver corps in the league a year ago. Case closed. So they spent their first round draft choice on the big man from Mississippi. Treadwell will be asked to step in, and be the number two from day one, and with focus on Stefon Diggs, Treadwell could put up some good numbers as a rookie.

Kenny Clark/DT/Packers- Following the stunning retirement of B.J. Raji, the Packers had a massive hole left in the middle of their offensive line. Clark will be asked to fill that hole from day one, and has scheme familiarity, as the scheme he was in at UCLA is stunningly similar to the one used by Dom Capers in Green Bay. 

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