Monday, November 14, 2016

Grading the Packers Like You Grade the Stock Market

This idea of using a “Stock Market Report” to review a game seems to be trending lately. So naturally, we decided to give it a try, while covering one of the worst Packers games in a very long time.


Blue Chip Stocks

Davante Adams/WR- The Packers offense has been playing much better lately. Much of it has to do with the emergence of Davante Adams as one of the best pass catchers in the league. Adams had six catches for 156 yards today. Adams has put his nightmare 2015 well behind him, and is on his way to a Pro Bowl, maybe even an All-Pro award.

 Jordy Nelson/WR- Nelson had a great day moving the chains. He finished the day with 12 catches for 126 yards and a touchdown. I don't understand why the Packers insist on calling deep balls to him though. He no longer has the speed or vertical for them. As I have been saying all along, he is a smart veteran who can move the chains for this offense. That is his new role, and they need to let him settle into that role, which means stop forcing him into vertical routes he can't run anymore.

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Aaron Rodgers/QB- This is the man the Packers are paying all of that money to. Rodgers had another good day, going 31 of 51 for 370 and two touchdowns. Ignore the two interceptions; he had to throw both of those balls up for grabs. I will say this. The Packers recent struggles are not his fault.

 Junk Bonds

James Starks- First of all, I would like to thank Starks for his many years of service to the Packers. He has been in and out of starting lineup, and has been dependable as both a starter and second back for a long time now. But, Father Time is not kind to athletes, especially running backs, and Father Time has come for James Starks.

 The Entire Defense Today- I know injuries have derailed this defense. I just have one thing to say though. They gave up 47 points to the Titans. Let that one marinate for a while.

Buy: Injuries are to blame for the defensive problems right now- Yes, at one point during this rough stretch, the Packers were down their top three corners, three greats ones at that, and Ladarius Gunter found himself covering maybe the best receiver in the league in Julio Jones. If the Packers were fully healthy on defense, today, as well as the last two weeks, may have gone much differently.

 Sell: The injuries are the only reason this defense is playing so bad- Yes, the injuries have been a problem, but come on, the team gave up 47 points. These guys are professionals. At some point, they have to get off the field. What happened to the supposed best run defense in the league? I know Matthews is a big loss in that front seven, but other than Clay, it's not like this front seven is hurting injury-wise.


Buy: Aaron Rodgers is playing much better- Yes, this is a lot better than he was for pretty much a year there, where he was possibly the worst quarterback in the league statistically.


Sell: Aaron Rodgers is playing like an MVP- At the same time, Rodgers is still going through stretches of play where is he getting outplayed.  

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