Friday, July 15, 2016

Who will be the 2016 Most Valuable Quarterback? | Ticket King Green Bay

NFL 2016 MVP for Quarterbacks
Before we start doing specific NFL training camp previews, we thought it might be a good time to throw a list out there of potential MVP candidates. You will notice Tom Brady is absent from this list. It is looking all but guaranteed he will serve his suspension so that eliminates him now.

Aaron Rodgers/QB/Packers- Any MVP list starts with this man at this point in time. Honestly, he's going to have another good season, but he won't win it, unless those young receivers all start showing us how good they really are, which I don't think they will. Will be among those considered though.

Derek Carr/QB/Raiders- This is our dark horse. This is our "look out" candidate. This is the NFL's next great quarterback. But does "next" mean 2016? Perhaps.

Carson Palmer/QB/Cardinals- We thought his career was done over five years ago. How wrong we all were. He has returned with a vengeance, has overcome so much, and late in his career has become an MVP candidate. It's now or never though.

Cameron Newton/QB/Panthers- The reigning league MVP will have another good season, but he won't repeat 2015. He will be on the ballot, but we don't think he will win it.

Russell Wilson/QB/Seahawks- Wilson had a late surge last season to backdoor his way into bottom of the MVP ballot. Still,  we don't think that is a sign of things to come. we still believe he is a product of the team he plays on. Another solid candidate, but we don't think he will win it.

Ben Roethlisberger/QB/Steelers- Big Ben has gotten better with age, as he has gotten more command over the game itself. This is the favorite heading into the preseason.

Eli Manning/QB/Giants- Call us crazy if you wish, but with a rebuilt defense, and that powerful offense, this could be Manning's best season as a pro.

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