Thursday, June 30, 2016

Worst Quarterbacks in the NFL for 2016 | Ticket King Green Bay

Worst NFL QuarterbacksLast week, we heard from TJB on his top 15 NFL quarterbacks. Naturally, we had to ask him how the bottom half stacked up. So Ticket King Green Bay has give him the "microphone" and told him to get us the lowdown on the lowest of the low in the NFL.

16. Brock Osweiler- After outplaying Peyton Manning and getting benched, this young gun stuck his middle finger to the Broncos and bolted for Houston on a big free agent deal. The Texans paid a lot of money for him, so he will get a very long leash.
17. Matthew Stafford- This is one of the more intriguing players in sports. He has loads of talent and a big arm. But  for the longest of time the Lions have been a one trick pony on offense. Now that one trick pony is gone, with Calvin Johnson's retirement. Perhaps this will force the Lions to diversify?
18. Jameis Winston- Showed me a ton in 2015. Maturity, control, and command of not only his team, but himself.
19. Marcus Mariota- Showed me a ton as well. You could flip him and Winston back and forth all day on my list.
20. Tony Romo- One more injury from calling it a career.
21. Blake Bortles- Has shown me very little to suggest he will be anything other than average.
22. Jared Goff- A young talent with a rocket arm, Goff is the only rookie who is guaranteed to start week one with no looking over his shoulder.
23. Drew Brees- This year's old quarterback who is hanging on too long. He simply can't play anymore, and needs to call it a career. He won't because of the money though.
24. Jay Cutler- The ultimate version of the hot/cold player. When he is bad, he is really, REALLY bad. When he is good, he is really, REALLY good, as in MVP good.
25. Alex Smith- I don't know how this man is a still a starting quarterback in this league. The Chiefs need to find another quarterback and move on from this walking piece of average mediocrity. 
26. Mark Sanchez- He is saying and doing all the right things since arriving in Denver this off season. Just one problem, he isn't very good, and will be constantly looking over his shoulder at rookie Paxton Lynch.
27. Tyrod Taylor- The former Ravens backup had a solid season in Buffalo, but is by no means the long term answer.
28. Ryan Fitzpatrick- A career journeyman who has a good season is still a free agent because he wants money he just simply doesn't deserve. He needs to take what the Jets give him and get his butt back into the team facilities.
29. Ryan Tannehill- 2016 will the last chance for this former high first round draft choice. If not, then it will be time for the Dolphins to find someone else.
30. Sam Bradford- An NFL backup quarterback with the attitude of a college star, Bradford's career has been full of injuries and average play. The Eagles gave up a ton to draft Carson Wentz, and it's only a matter of time before he sees the field.
31. Colin Kaepernick- This off season he threw a fit over the 49ers commitment to him, despite bad play on his end. Now he has decided to stay for the time being, and new head coach Chip Kelly, who should have headed back to the college game, has to figure out how to get him on board. This can't end well.
32. Robert Griffin- After an epic saga came to an end in Washington, Griffin now heads to Cleveland, the place where all players go to die. He will simply be a placeholder, and could be back on the bench by the end of the season in favor of third round rookie Cody Kessler.

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