Thursday, October 23, 2014

Packers Versus Saints Preview | Which Drew Brees Will Show Up Sunday Night

Packers at Saints 2014
Last Sunday, the Packers beat the Carolina Panthers in impressive style 38-17. That makes four wins in a row, and three of them have been very impressive. It’s the near loss to the Dolphins that has us concerned. Here are our thoughts about the upcoming game in New Orleans.

How long can this historic stretch of play last for Aaron Rodgers? In case you didn’t hear, Aaron Rodgers is really, really good. Rodgers has a touchdown to interception ratio on the season of 18/1 and hasn’t turned the ball over since week one in Seattle. That seems like a long time ago now. Rodgers has put himself right into the back end of the MVP Race with this stretch of play, and we expect it to continue until we are proven otherwise.

Can Devonte Adams keep rising? Second round rookie wide receiver Devonte Adams has come on strong over the last few weeks. Adams has given the Packers exactly what we were asking for, another pass catcher besides Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb to step up and make plays.

Eddie Lacy, where are you? For as good as Rodgers has been, the biggest disappointment this season league wide has to be Eddie Lacy. To this point in the season, Lacy has just one 100 yard rushing performance and that was at home against Minnesota. Lacy needs to get going, really soon, as in NOW.

Drew Brees Faces The Packers Secondary

How will this secondary hold up against Drew Brees? At first look, this appears to favor the Packers. Drew Brees is a risk taker, the Packers secondary is loaded with ball hawks. However, at a closer look, that may not be the case. Brees is coming off a bad performance and this Packers secondary is not exactly 100 percent. Sam Shields may not play and Tramon Williams will play but isn’t 100%.

At the end of the day, due to the up down performance of the Packers and everything else with this game, we have no clue how the Packers are going to perform in this game. This could be a lose game both ways; this could be a blowout both ways. Final Verdict: Unknown.

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