Monday, October 27, 2014

2015 Concert Performer Coming To Lambeau Field | Ticket King Green Bay

Concerts at Lambeau Field
Lambeau Field could be hosting its first concert in four years in 2015. News leaked last month that a booking agency had approached stadium officials to negotiate a major act that will perform in the bowl in June. No names have been released, though a spokesperson for the agency mentioned a number of country artists, including Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney, as well as non-country acts Paul McCartney and U2.

Chesney was the attraction at Lambeau's last major concert event, in 2011. People from over 20 states purchased tickets for that show, which netted a comparable profit to a regular season home Packers game.

That is the goal said a source close to the talks. Officials in Green Bay want to see a name big enough to sell out the place prior to the start of football season, even though June is normally a slow month for concerts. Most big-time artists look to book shows later in the summer season, but Lambeau officials have set June 20 as the latest date they would allow. A show in July or August, they say, would be too close to the start of preseason.

One way that the field is working with artists and their representatives is a drop of the 10 percent ticket tax applied to all events at Lambeau. The agency negotiating the deal requested that the Stadium Board rebate that tax, as it did with the Chesney concert in 2011, citing a hard sell for the acts, who reap the profits from ticket sales, but are also subject to a 5.5 percent sales tax from Brown County.

Regardless of the difficulties of the negotiations, officials at Lambeau Field say that this event will happen. They told reporters that the stadium is looking forward to hosting non-football events again.
The four-year hiatus of music from Lambeau was due to nearly constant construction at the field during the Packers off-season. Only minor renovations are planned for the 2014 off-season, thus-far.

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