Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Billy Joel Green Bay Tickets | Ticket King Inc.

Billy Joel will perform at Lambeau Field on June 17th. Fans of his music and the Green Bay Packers will find it quite enjoyable to be sitting at one of the most amazing places in football, but watching "The Piano Man" pound away on the keys. Since Lambeau Field is "technically" the largest venue in Wisconsin, there will be seats that seem quite far from the stage, but music fans won't mind. They just want to be part of the experience. Looking for Billy Joel Green Bay tickets? We have you covered.

Billy Joel 2017 Tour

Joel has never played in Green Bay. This tour includes just eight stadium shows and it's the only NFL venue on the list. It takes three days of preparations for the show, at any stop that involves stadium seating. The Packers organization will work hard to get the field back into shape for "Family Night." Joel will be performing roughly 30 songs over 2.5 hours. Ticket holders can expect to hear some very rare songs, as well as his pop music hits. What does Billy Joel do in his spare time? Over the years, he's invested in a motorcycle company, and boat manufacturing.

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