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Who Backs Up Aaron Rodgers? | Ticket King Green Bay

aaron rodgers
Aaron Rodgers
Packers fans might argue that Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league, maybe in league history. Some might look to that “fairly competent” quarterback in New England, but this post is about “A-Rod.” Although we fans hope that Rodgers will continue playing for years,  star quarterbacks need backups. Here are some of the men who have called themselves a backup quarterback to Aaron Rodgers over the years.

Brian Brohm- In 2008, as Aaron Rodgers went into his first off season preparing for the Packers staring quarterback job, Ted Thompson drafted not one, but two quarterbacks. The first was in round two, when he selected Brian Brohm out of Louisville. In fact, there were some at the time who thought that Brohm would eventually end up as the Packers long term solution. Yeah, that didn't happen. Brohm was released by the end of his second season, and signed a contract with the Bills. After washing out of Buffalo he bounced around the Canadian Football League before retiring in 2015. Brohm is now the offensive coordinator of the Purdue Boilermakers.

Matt Flynn- The second of those two draft choices is the most famous Rodgers backup to date. The Packers took Flynn in round seven in 2008. In limited play with the Packers, Flynn showed a lot of promise, and in the 2012 off season signed a big free agent contract with the Seattle Seahawks. He was released at the end of the season, and signed with the Raiders to begin the following season. After being released, signing with Buffalo, and being released again, Flynn came home to Green Bay, where he immediately stepped in and started in place of the injured Aaron Rodgers, doing just enough to keep the Packers afloat until Rodgers returned, including one of the most incredible comebacks in sports history in Dallas. Rodgers returned in week 17, and with the Packers season on the line, delivered “4th and Great.”

Graham Harrell- Maybe the most criticized Rodgers backup to date, Harrell was signed as a street free agent in 2010. Harrell never got his feet on the ground, and was released at the end of training camp in 2013. He is currently the offensive coordinator of the North Texas Mean Green.

Seneca Wallace- His time with the Packers was short and forgotten. He signed at the end of training camp in 2013 as a favor to Mike Holmgren and Ted Thomson even though he wanted to retire. He took over on Monday night in Chicago when Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone, and the next week lasted all of six plays before getting knocked out of the game. Truth be told, I think they made up his season ending IR injury because he just flat out didn't want to be there, and it showed.  

Scott Tolzien- This former Badger was on Ted Thompson's radar for a long time before Thompson finally got his hands on him as a street free agent following the end of NFL training camp in 2013. He started a couple of games for the Packers when Rodgers broke his collarbone, and he showed a lot of promise, but he just wasn't ready yet. Fast forward two years, and he looked like a much different quarterback. He currently backs up Andrew Luck in Indianapolis.

Brett Hundley- This is the most talented Rodgers backup to date. Hundley at one time was considered to be a number one overall draft choice in the making. During his time at UCLA, he showed it to. For two and a half quarters, he played like a number one overall draft choice. However, one little thing went wrong, and next thing you know he turned the ball over four times in 12 minutes. It appears the Packers have corrected these mental issues, and they are going to fetch a hefty ransom for him via trade next off season

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