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Top 15 Quarterbacks in NFL
For football writers, summer usually means lists as they are looking for topics to write about. Our in-house analyst T.J. Bryce decided this was a good time to rank the NFL quarterbacks. This isn't just a ranking of quarterbacks; this is a list of in what order would he want them as well. Here are the top 15 NFL quarterbacks in football.
 1. Aaron Rodgers- The NFL's two-time MVP tops yet another list for quarterback rankings. Rodgers is everything you could ever possibly want in a quarterback rolled up into one player. He's just one of six men in the world who can fire a football 70 yards in uniform during a game and the first on this list.
  2. Tom Brady- He did it. No matter what Patriots fans try to tell you, he did it. Now he needs to stop blaming everyone else, and take his punishment like a man. Besides that, he is still one of the best in the game. But for how long?
  3. Ben Roethlisberger- This man just keeps getting better each year. One of the best the league has seen in recent memory and still the hardest name in the sport to pronounce. The second man on this list who can fire a football 70 yards during a game.
  4. Cameron Newton- He finally realized his potential after his miserable second NFL season. Usually in the past, he would run away and blame everyone else. But, he starred down his own fears in the mirror, got back in the weight room, back in the training room, back on the practice field, adjusted to league's adjustment to him, and became an MVP. The third man on this list who can fire a football 70 yards during a game.
  5. Andrew Luck- Despite his injury issues last year, I still think he is about to become the best in the business. The Colts spent several top draft choices to make sure 2015 doesn't happen to him again.
  6. Derek Carr- This young gun of the Raiders has "star" written all over his face. Could potentially be lifting the MVP trophy next January. Hint-hint.
  7. Joe Flacco- Despite his torn ACL, I still think he is one of the best there is. He can gun it a mile. Number four out of six men who can throw a football 70 yards in uniform during a game.
  8. Andy Dalton- Red Rifle has become one of the better quarterbacks in the league, and Bengals would be defending Super Bowl champions if he hadn't injured his hand.
  9. Eli Manning- Now the league's lone Manning, Eli is the Derek Jeter of the NFL. The bigger stage, the brighter the lights, the better he plays.
10. Carson Palmer- Still going strong, long after the Bengals thought he was done. The perfect quarterback for the Cardinals at the moment, who are in the “there is no tomorrow” mode.
11. Russell Wilson- A lot of people may think I'm crazy for putting him here. I believe Wilson is a product of the system, and a mega-talented team. They should have lost, and lost by a large margin in that Wild Card game in Minnesota as they were badly outplayed. As the pieces begin to disappear, I still think he will begin to show us how average he really is.
12. Matt Ryan- His career has sort of stalled the last few years. Something is wrong with him that the general public can't see. I don't know if it's system discomfort or something personal or what. Priority number one at the moment for the Falcons is to get him right no matter what it is.
13. Teddy Bridgewater- One of the most unusual quarterbacks in recent memory. I don't know what exactly to think of him at the moment. He has too many limitations that will ever prevent him from being the best, he's very small, his arm isn't that strong, and he's not the most athletic quarterback out there. What he does though, he is very polished at, and he does very well. Still, I would rather have him than about half the league.
14. Phillip Rivers- The NFL's ultimate renegade checks in on this list at number fourteen.

15. Kirk Cousins- He gets the last spot on the top half of my list. Cousins finally settled down in 2015, and the Redskins now have their long term quarterback. 

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