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Packers Preseason Grades 2013
In their first preseason game, the Packers could not have played any worse, losing 17-0 to the Arizona Cardinals at home. Game two on the road in St. Louis, went much, much, better. The Packers played much better across the board on Saturday. They tackled better, they ran the ball better, and they protected the quarterback much better. As for game three, we saw just a few minutes of Rodgers, and it seemed that Graham Harrell was auditioning for his job once again.

Packers Preseason Grades 

Aaron Rodgers: A. Another week, another great performance by the best player in football. Nothing to see here. Move along. In fact, Aaron barely saw action in game three.

Graham Harrell: C If the Packers had a better option for the backup quarterback position, they would use it. By the time of this posting, we find that Harrell is out. They would like B.J. Coleman to be the backup, but he may not be game ready yet. So we’re going to see Vince Young as the number two.

Vince Young: C. Young played okay, in game two, completing 5 of 9 passes for 26 yards. I think at the end of the day it would be a matter of how well Harrell played. Seeing that Harrell played his way out of the Packers organization, and Young managed to show some of his mobility in game three, I might have to move this grade up to a C+.

B.J. Coleman: A-. Coleman made the most of his playing time this game, completing 8 of 13 passes for 86 yards and a touchdown. He at least game himself an opportunity to make the final roster. But now he needs an even better performance in the next game.

Eddie Lacy: A-. Eddie Lacy was as good as advertised on Saturday, getting most of the carries the first few drives. He found holes, pushed the pile, and moved the chains very well. The Packers may have finally found the answer at running back.

Jermichael Finley: A+. Finley played like a man possessed in this game, catching five passes for 78 yards including a big one early in the second quarter. One question though Jermichael, why can’t you play like that every week?

Micah Hyde: B+. I thought Hyde would be nothing more than depth his rookie season. So far, he has been playing his way up the Packers depth chart, and could be see some decent playing time early on this season. 

Johnny Jolly: B+. Oh my goodness. The stage couldn’t be set up any better right now. If Johnny Jolly makes the 53 man roster, and it looks like he might, wouldn’t that be something? Add in the fact that if he not only makes the roster, but gives the Packers defense what it sorely needs up front, and is an integral part of a Super Bowl run, you have the makings of a movie script for the ages. Jolly performed well against the run in game three.  We're hoping he makes the cut.

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