Monday, April 18, 2011

Ticket King Green Bay Happy to see Madden Curse Live!

Ticket King Green Bay happy to see the Madden Curse live on. Peyton Hillis defeated Aaron Rodgers 61% to 39%. I know for a fact that Packer fans voted for Hillis just so Rodgers didn't land on the cover. As much as I wanted Rodgers on the cover I did kinda breath a sigh of relief when I saw this. Hillis will take on Mike Vick and I'm pretty sure Vick will win, due to the fact people still want to see him get hurt. Either way I still will be buying Madden 2012, and losing to 10 year olds online. Here are some of the comments under the bracket for the Madden contest:

@Bri_Fuller: that's cause some packer fans were voting for Hillis because of the curse..rather have a #SHIP than a Madden Cover though

@ericelstad: SB repeat for sure now with no curse coming @AaronRodgers12 way!                                                                                                                                                           @schlizzag: I am perfectly happy with this. No Madden Curse in Green Bay this year! #gopackgo

Now us Packer fans can't use the Madden Curse for an injury or bad season. GO Pack GO!!!!

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