Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet 16!!!|NFL rule changes

How sweet it is to have 3 Wisconsin teams make the sweet 16 for the NCAA basketball tournament. University of Wisconsin mens team, Marquette University mens team, and UWGB womens team. Ticket King Green Bay wants to congratulate all 3 of them for making it this far. All 3 teams have played some tough hard fought games to make it this far. As for the NFL they had a few new rule changes implemented during this off-season. First off kickoffs are being moved up 5 yards closer to the 50 yard line meaning teams with good return teams will be hurt by this. As a Packer fan all I can say is hahah to Devon Hester. All though i think it takes away from the game some, because kickoff returns are the most exciting plays of a game and now there will be a lot more touch-backs. Also all reviews in the end zone will be done by the booth and the coaches will not have to use a challenge on it. I like this rule so the coaches can use them on other plays during the game. Well I thought Spring was here but we are getting nailed with a whiteout blizzard and all I wanna do is be at home watching March Madness.

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