Thursday, March 3, 2011

NFL Lockout|AJ Hawk a Packer?

I haven't talked about the possible NFL lockout yet, because I was trying to be optimistic. At this point the CBA expires at midnight and I believe that the  NFL is going to have a lockout. How long lets hope not too long. Lets hope the mediation will help the greedy NFL. The FANS are the ones that lose out in the NFL not having a season. My opinion just meet in the middle. As of yesterday A.J. Hawk was cut by the Packers, due to the fact he was due $10 million this season. The good news sounds like they have a new contract in the works with him to come back at a much cheaper rate. Hawk became starter after Nick Barnett went down with yet another injury. This might be bad news for Barnett, the Packers have a lot of depth at the inside linebacker position. Brandon Chillar is also in the mix, so I have a feeling someone just may get cut. I'm happy Hawk is going to come back, he is a solid player and great in the community and isn't a distraction. Anyways that is my rant and rave for the day. NFL GET IT DONE!!!!!!!

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