Thursday, January 20, 2011

Referee selection for NFC Championship Game

This is not Terry McAulay
As a Green Bay Packer fan I'm not too excited about referee Terry McAulay being chose for the NFC Championship Game. I know all of Packer nation must have had a collective groan when this was announced. McAulay was the same referee that reffed the first game this year between the Pack and Bears. During that game the packers were called for a team record 18 penalties. Below is a list of the Referees and how many penalties called and declined:

  1. Tony Corrente 249
  2. Ed Hochuli 249
  3. Jeff Triplette 242
  4. Carlton Cheffers 237
  5. Jerome Boger 233
  6. Mike Carey 229
  7. Bill Leary 223
  8. Terry McAulay
  9. Gene Sterratore 211
  10. Ron Winter 203
  11. Clete Blakeman 199
  12. Walt Anderson 196
  13. Walt Coleman 187
  14. JOhn Parry 184
  15. Scott Green 183
  16. Al Riveron 182
  17. Pete Morelli 174

Lets just hope these zebras don't ruin the outcome of what could be an awesome game. Call a clean game boys.

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