Monday, January 17, 2011

Brett Favre says "Packers will win it all"

The odd makers think the Packers are the favorite to win the Super Bowl, and even the great Brett Favre says the same thing. I'm really surprised by this myself but just maybe Favre is starting the mending process with the Packers. Also wanted to let everyone know that being at the Packer at Falcons game was amazing. Here are 10 reason why:
  • The Pack won
  • Electric Atmospehere (early in the game)
  • Falcon fans leaving early
  • Watching Rodgers tear it up
  • Watching Tramon Williams show he belonged in the Pro Bowl
  • All the Packer fans at the game
  • Go Pack GO and Kuhnnnnnn chants
  • Great seats
  • How badly the Pack crushed the Falcons
  • Found $10 on the ground after the game :)
Now bring on Da Bears!!!

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