Friday, January 28, 2011

My 10 Favorite moments from the Packers 2010/2011 season

When I was compiling my list of favorite moments from the Green Bay Packers 2010/2011 season it was super hard because there are so many. But I narrowed it down and have them listed below.

  1. Packers making the Super Bowl
  2. Packers beating Brett Favre twice
  3. Aaron Rodgers belt celebration
  4. Being at the Packer vs Falcons beat down
  5. Packers got 2 coaches fired
  6. Tramon Willams interception vs the Eagles in the Playoffs
  7. Clay Matthews hair whip
  8. B.J. Raji's interception/dance
  10. All the Ted Thompson haters can shut their mouths now
I'm hoping to change this list and have a new #1 on this list in about a week. I can't wait for the Super Bowl, going to have a mini party at the apartment with the new 55inch tv and surround. So pumped. 

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