Friday, January 17, 2020

What Will it Take for Green Bay to Win the NFC Championship Game | Ticket King Green Bay

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What is it going to take for the Green Bay Packers to win the NFC Championship this weekend? Many things, for sure. What's changed since the Packers faced the 49ers in November? Many things. We won't get too deep into the weeds with this effort, but it's safe to say that both teams will be making adjustments.

First, Aaron Rodgers will (hopefully) not fumble the ball inside the Packers 20 yard line again. That was the spark for the 49ers last time. San Francisco seemed to be playing at a different level of speed after that fumble, and Green Bay couldn't match it. This game will feature two solid efforts by by the quarterbacks. LaFleur will be looking to get pocket time down to  milliseconds if need be, and Aaron will surely be making short, quick sideline passes to Adams, right from the get go. Doubling up on pass protection in the backfield will also be part of this game.

Tyler Ervin has put a wrinkle into the Green Bay offense, and the Packers return game. He might even peel off a return for a touchdown, shaking up the 49ers plans in a big way. Expect Jimmy Graham to get open in the flat this game, and Rodgers will have just enough time to get the ball to him. We're not talking huge gains, but those big ones on third down.

Finally, Rodgers has the experience. He knows what it's like to win in high pressure games. The Packers defense will pressure Garoppolo in this game, and possibly pick off a pass or two. We're not going to predict a win for the Packers, but rest assured, this game will not be a blowout for either team. Go Pack Go!

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