Saturday, February 27, 2016

Top Ten Free Agents in the NFL for 2016 | Ticket King Green Bay

As move into the NFL off season, the first event to talk about is the NFL combine, which takes place this week. After the combine, the next notable event is free agency. Here is our list of the top free agents in the NFL. Where will these free agents land? Who will stick around? Some are looking to get paid, and some just want to stick with a winning team.

Von Miller/DE/Broncos- All discussion about the 2016 NFL free agent period starts and ends with Von Miller. The Broncos superstar defensive end is coming off a monster season, and was the anchor for one of the best defense's in recent memory. There is no way Miller signs with another team.

Muhammad Wilkerson/DE/Jets- After Miller, the next best defensive lineman is Wilkerson. He is an excellent pass rusher and is also good against the run. The Jets could franchise tag him, but if they don't, the bidding war for his services could get very high.

Josh Norman/CB/Panthers- The former Coastal Carolina product has turned himself into one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. Norman is a true shutdown corner, and it is unlikely the Panthers let him sign somewhere else.

Cordy Glenn/OT/Bills- This is the best offensive lineman on the market. He could get franchised tagged, but if he isn't and he hits the open market, Ted Thompson could strongly consider changing course just a little and making Glenn an offer he can't refuse. It's highly unlikely though, as Glenn probably ends up back in Buffalo.

Eric Berry/SS/Chiefs- One of the best stories in sports history, Berry returned to the lineup after taking nearly a year off to fight cancer and came back stronger than ever. Berry is the best safety in the business, and the Chiefs should be at the top of his list.

Bruce Irvin/LB/Seahawks- The best linebacker on the market, Irvin is an excellent pass rusher in a 3-4 defense who will be top prize for a lot of teams. Expect him to sign somewhere else though as Seattle looks to tighten up the checkbook after some lucrative extensions recently.

Malik Jackson/DT/Broncos- The other major part of the Broncos front seven was Jackson, who hits the open market after a career year and is the best interior defensive lineman on the market. Of the two, we say it is more likely Jackson hits the market than Miller.

Eric Weddle/FS/Chargers- After Berry, the next best safety on the market is Eric Weddle, and with the Chargers cap problems, he signs somewhere else. Minnesota is a distinct possibility here.

Kirk Cousins- The Redskins have found their franchise quarterback. The problem is he is technically a free agent now. No need to hyperventilate though Redskins fans, a deal will get done, it's just a matter of when. He could get the franchise tag which will buy both sides a year to continue to work on a long term deal. 

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