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Packers Need Roster Additions for 2016 | Ticket King Green Bay

2016 Green Bay Packers
The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10, in an exciting defensive game. This may be Peyton Manning's last game ever. With that, we head into the abyss known as the NFL offseason. We decided it would be a good time to take a look at the off season needs for our very own Green Bay Packers. The following is from the perspective of our in-house analyst T.J. Bryce.

Vertical Wide Receiver- I've said this before and I will say it again, the Packers top priority this off season is a vertical wide receiver. Yes Jordy Nelson is returning, but they can't, nor should they, expect him to return to perfect form. He will be 31-years-old, coming off a torn ACL, and his calling card is speed, jump ball ability, and his double move. All of those require natural physical talent, which he may or may not have at the same level after this torn ACL heals. So it is both unreasonable for everyone, and unfair to him, to expect Nelson to return to his Pro Bowl form. They need to make a vertical threat top priority in the draft.

Pass catching Tight End- I like Richard Rodgers, I really do. But, with the way this offense is designed, they need a lot more at this position then what they have. This needs to be another top priority in the draft.

Offensive Tackle- The offensive line is one of the more interesting enigmas the Packers have, going this off season. When they are all playing together, this line is the best in the business, and they were all together as late as the start of last season. The problem lies in that the team was unable to avoid notable injury in 2015. Either way, the team will struggle with Brian Bulaga. Yes, offensive lineman can overcome a few injuries and have long careers, but at some point, after so many torn ACL's, sprained knees, and other injuries, you have to bail on a player.

Pass blocking Tight End- They also need to say goodbye to Andrew Quarless and draft a pass blocking tight end to replace him. David Morgan from Texas-San Antonio comes to mind.

Running Back- Eddie Lacy had a nightmare 2015 and he needs to lose some weight. The good news is that he has hit the ground running this off season, literally. He hired Tony Horton and has committed to losing 30 pounds. James Starks is one of the best backups on the league. However, they need a third running back, specifically one with a lot of speed. Personally, I like TCU's Aaron Green.

Defensive Lineman- The Packers need to also add some depth up front to the defensive line. This means they need to add another big body to the rotation.

Linebacker- In addition to a big body up front, the Packers will need to add another rush linebacker to their rotation as Julius Peppers could potentially depart, and that leaves just one speed rusher on the roster.

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