Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Who's Hot and Who's Not in the NFL Right Now | Ticket King Green Bay

NFL 2015
We are nine weeks into the season, so we decided it would be a good idea to take a look at the NFL teams in playoff contention right now, and have our in house analyst T.J. Bryce separate them into the classic contender/pretender format. 

New England Patriots- I believed at the start of the season the Patriots would be effected by the off season Tom Brady sideshow. Instead, it has been the exact opposite. Everything that happened to Brady has motivated the Patriots like never before. They are 9-0, and are looking almost impossible to beat. Status: Contender

Cincinnati Bengals- If someone were to force me to fill out an NFL – MVP, and told me I had to vote right now, Andy Dalton is the NFL's MVP at the moment. He has been that good. The Bengals are firing on all cylinders right now in every aspect of the game and are number one in my power rankings at the moment. Status: Contender

Green Bay Packers- Three weeks ago, this was one of the best teams in the league. After three straight losses they are in a free fall, and have dropped way down the power rankings list. We have never seen these modern era Packers self-destruct quite like this, and this team is clearly in denial if they don't think it is time to panic. Status: Pretender 

Minnesota Vikings- I did not think this Vikings team would be this 7-2 right now. But let's look at the facts. The truth is, they have been barely, BARELY, squeaking out wins against below-average or worse teams. They are improving though, as shown by their 30-14 win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday and strong finish to the game. Still, I don't think this team is for real, but they will win this division easily due to the self-destruction happening across the boarder. Status: Pretender

Carolina Panthers- We thought the Panthers would be pretty good. We did not think they would be this good. Cameron Newton is having his best season to date and is a serious MVP candidate. On top of that the defense in Carolina is for real. Still, the nearly blown leads against Indianapolis and Green Bay are to be noted, but not to be made a big deal out of. Status: Contender

Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals are off to a 7-2 start, and are putting up some impressive wins. Carson Palmer is having a great season, and if so many other quarterbacks weren't have better seasons, he would be a back-door MVP candidate. These Cardinals are for real, and have a showdown coming next Sunday against the Bengals on Sunday Night Football. Status: Contender.

Denver Broncos- The Broncos started the season 7-0, in spite of Peyton Manning's play. A foot injury is now going to sideline Manning for at least a week or two, and one must wonder if Manning's 5-20, 35 yard, no touchdown, four interception performance against the Chiefs on Sunday will be the last time he ever puts on an NFL uniform. The Broncos have lost two straight, and will now unofficially(due to Manning being out because of “injury”) turn to Brock Osweiler, their second round draft choice in 2012. This could possibly be Drew Bledose/Tony Romo all over again, when in 2006, Bledsoe's age and declining play led to him being benched in favor of the young Tony Romo. Status: Pretender

Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons started the season 4-0 and as hot as any team in the league. However the Falcons have looked bad five weeks in a row, going just 2-3 in that stretch, and barely winning those two games against bad teams. One must wonder if the Falcons are going to continue to fade as the season goes along. I expect them to. Status: Pretender.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Ben Roethlisberger is beat up, banged up, hobbling along on one leg, has missed a large portion of the season so far, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are 6-3. As he gets healthier look out, this may very well become the team to beat down stretch. Status: Contender

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