Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 NFL Trade Deadline Looms | Ticket King Green Bay

NFL Trade Deadline
The 2015 NFL trade deadline is this week. Now, unlike the trade deadlines in the other three major sports (hockey, baseball, and basketball,) the NFL's is by far the least exciting. Why? Because in the NFL, a team cannot just “plug and play” a player that they just acquired. In all those other sports, a traded player can be performing for their new team immediately. For example, the Milwaukee Brewers trade for a third basemen that day, and three hours later that third basemen is in a Brewers uniform, playing third base, and goes 3-5 for that night in his Brewers debut. That is not how it works in the NFL. It is very hard to come in, in early November, learn a playbook in three days, and step on the field the following Sunday. When a team trades for a player, they must have a specific plan for that player. Still, some teams do make moves, and there are few out there that could be interesting. Here are some players that could be moved.

Vernon Davis /TE/ San Francisco 49ers -  A few days ago, when we started writing this, Davis was still on the trading block. He is officially off the trading block as of Monday. That day, the 49ers traded Vernon Davis and a seventh round draft choice to the Broncos for a 2016 sixth round draft choice and a 2017 sixth round draft choice.

Calvin Johnson /WR/ Detroit Lions - There was a time, not too long ago, when Calvin Johnson was one of the most feared players in the league and a nightmare to cover. It looks like all of those hits are starting to catch up to him. Still, he is a great player. The Lions are 1-6, and could be looking to move several players ahead of the deadline.

Anquan Boldin /WR/ San Francisco 49ers - Another 49er who could be moved, Boldin deserves to finish out his career with a chance to go for one more championship. In his new role on a different team, Boldin could be a very good fourth receiver.

Robert Griffin /QB/ Washington Redskins - The most talked about football player in recent memory, Griffin has gone from the role of Washington Redskins franchise player to scout team safety, which is where our in house analyst T.J. Bryce thinks he should have been playing all along- safety. Not sure how effective a fresh start in a new place will help him at this point, but he will still generate some interest.

Brandon Pettigrew /TE/ Detroit Lions- This is yet another Lions veteran who could be moved, Pettigrew can be very productive in the right offense. We’re not sure where though.  

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