Thursday, September 3, 2015

Packers 2015 Preseason Ends Tonight | Ticket King Green Bay

After what some Green Bay fans would call a boring start to training camp, things have really picked up with these injuries. Here is our review of what we have seen in the Packers preseason so far.  

Aaron Rodgers- Mr. Universe played the first two games in of the 2015 preseason before throwing in the towel until week one of the regular season. He look good, sharp, and ready.

Brett Hundley- The 2015 preseason for Hundley has been typical of a 5th round rookie with lots of talent. Shows a play where all of his talent comes into form, and then looks like a deer caught in the headlights the rest of the set of downs. Future is bright for Hundley though.

Matt Blanchard- Even though he has no chance of making this roster, Blanchard has played hard, and has showed his big arm. He could end up on the Packers practice squad, unless someone picks him up. Point is, he is not done with the NFL after this training camp is over.

Eddie Lacy- Lacy has 15 carries for 68 yards this preseason, and looks ready to go.

James Starks- James Starks performance this preseason has us worried- 13 carries for a measly 16 yards, but at the same time, it is just preseason.

Rajon Neal- Rajon Neal has all but locked down the third running back job. He has looked outstanding both running the ball, and on passing downs blocking.

Jeff Janis- This man has had an amazing camp, and the Packers are going to need the former Saginaw Valley State standout to grow up fast with the Jordy Nelson injury.

Davonte Adams- Davonte Adams has had a very quiet camp, and with the injury to Nelson, look for him to take on a more perimeter-oriented role in this offense.

Myles White- If there was ever an example of why you should never give up, it is Myles White. Towards the end of 2013, Myles White career looked over with the Packers receiving unit returning to full strength. He returned to the practice squad the entire season a year ago. He has a had a great camp, and with the injury to Jordy Nelson, he could make the week one roster. As the 5th receiver.

Richard Rodgers- Here is another young player who has had a quiet camp. However, expect Rodgers to take a big step forward in 2015 regardless of his quiet camp.

Sam Barrington- The former seventh round draft choice has locked down one of the inside linebacker spots and is quickly becoming a leader for this defense.

As far as the rest of the defense is concerned, we not going to over-read into their performance on Saturday. Aaron didn't play and they are still trying, as a team, to get their minds right following the Jordy Nelson injury.

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