Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top Ten Packers Players Of The Modern Era

William Henderson Green Bay Packers
Two weeks ago I made a list of the top 10 defensive players for the Packers of the modern era (and in my lifetime.) Today, lets do top 10 offensive players, and no, we’re not counting quarterbacks. I’m simply not going there. We’re also not counting offensive lineman.

10. Dorsey Levens- Dorsey’s career turned out alright, but he will always be remembered for his historic performance in the 1997 NFC championship game, when he picked up 201 total yards of offense and was the game MVP.

9. Edgar Bennett- Edgar Bennett was to the Packers of the 90’s what this current version of the Packer is missing now- a tough, hard nosed offensive skill position player who when things got bogged down, found a way to move the football. The current Packers are hoping Eddie Lacy can be that guy.

8. Robert Brooks- Yes he was a fan favorite, yes he was a good football player. But in the mind of many Packers fans, he gets overrated for being a fan favorite, and he wasn’t as good as well all think he was. The Packers offense in 1996 kept chugging along just dandy without him after he tore his ACL.

7. Bubba Franks- The Packers have had a small handful of good tight ends over the last two decades, and Bubba Franks is the best of the bunch to date. Bubba made three pro bowls and was a favorite target of Favre’s for a number of years.

6. Greg Jennings- In 2005 Ted Thompson traded Javon Walker to the Raiders for a second round draft choice. Thompson then used that draft choice to select Greg Jennings. That was a draft choice well spent as Jennings was a great Packers receiver for a long time, and has now moved on to the rival Minnesota Vikings.

5. Ahman Green- Even though he did have fumble issues, Ahman Green was the anchor back for the Packers rushing attack of the early 2000’s that set all of those league wide modern day team rushing records that will probably never be broken in the changing landscape of the NFL.

4. Sterling Sharpe- Despite his career being cut short due to a neck injury, Sharpe was still an outstanding receiver who set team records that still stand to this day. In fact, I would say that Sharpe was one of the biggest reasons as to why Brett Favre settled in as a great quarterback.

3. Antonio Freeman- Of all of the targets Favre had, Freeman was his favorite, and the 58 touchdown passes Freeman caught from Favre is one of the highest quarterback-to-wide receiver totals in league history.

2. Donald Driver- Probably the most beloved Packer in team history, Donald Driver is the Packers all time record holder in a number of receiving categories, and was the best Packers receiver of the last 20 years.

1. William Henderson- Wait a minute, what? Of all of the great players the Packers have had on offense over the last 20 years, you think Henderson is the best? Yes I do, and I want you to think about the following two reasons. At one point in William Henderson’s career as a lead blocker, five years, five different running backs, five 1,000 yard rushers. Second, the Packers running game, which was so good for so long, went belly up when Henderson retired.

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