Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Donald Driver Comes Out Of Retirement If Every Other Packers Wide Receiver Goes Down

Donald Driver Retires
Don’t misinterpret Donald Driver.In case you missed it, Donald Driver said something interesting recently in regards to his retirement. Driver basically said he would be in shape and ready to go this season if the Packers called him. Calm down everyone.

Before you dance in the street and get out your # 80 jerseys, relax. Don’t make a bigger deal out of this than it is. Driver is just simply saying something I’m sure the Packers are already aware of. All he is saying is that he will be ready if the Packers need him, which I think is great on his part, and it shows another example of the team first mentality he has always had, and still carries into his retirement. It’s not like he is saying he will play for any team, he is just simply saying he will be ready of the Packers need him. If he really does this and stays in shape, if they really need him, they can call him. Driver knows the offense so there would be zero learning curve in terms of playbook learning. Getting excited, aren’t you?

Driver's Return Would Require So Many Bad Things To Happen

Now for the bucket of water.There is no chance Driver ever plays again. Let me put it this way, Driver has as much of a chance of playing again as a free agent does of getting offered a contract by Ted Thompson. In other words, not going to happen. The Packers already have five receivers- Jarrett Boykin, Jeremy Ross, Kevin Dorsey, Charles Johnson, and Terrell Sinkfield competing for four spots, two of which are practice squad spots, so a bunch of players would have to get hurt before Thompson calls Driver.Driver had a great career with the Packers. Now it’s time to move on. 

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