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Packers Parking Options For Lambeau Field | Ticket King Green Bay On Game Day

Parking Green Bay Packers Day at Ticket King

If you have ever been here in Green Bay on game day, you know that there are thousands of fans looking to park as close to Lambeau Field as they can. After all, the heart of the action is within a few blocks of the stadium.  When the thermometer drops, fans want don't want to walk too far to their car.  Where can you park close to the stadium when you don't have an official parking pass?

Parking Options For Packers Games

You can try your luck with some of the businesses along the main streets that lead to Lambeau Field. If the business owners are smart (and most of them are,) they will have someone collecting parking fees and guiding you into a spot on their property. After all, there are just so many Packers parking spots available in the Lambeau lot, certainly not enough to cover all the cars that come to Green Bay on game day.

  • Try the properties that run between Oneida street and Holmgren way, just southeast of Lambeau Field.  
  • Near Potts and Borvan, east of Lambeau are also spots where one can park their car.
  • To the north and west of Lambeau are mostly homes.  Some folks will make room for a few cars, but those spots fill up fast.
  • Further south on Oneida street (roughly one mile from the stadium,) is where many people park in the early months of the season.  It's not so fun walking a mile back to your car when it's below zero, so keep that in mind when you roll into Green Bay in December.
  • Ticket King Green Bay has parking for cars, buses, and tailgaters. Reserved spaces are available for every game, and we won't block you in.  We are just south of Lambeau Field.
One of the great things about seeing a game at Lambeau Field is the fact that the stadium is in a mostly residential neighborhood.  You truly feel like the city of Green Bay has just one thing on their mind on game day.  It's true that the streets are empty at kickoff.  See you in Packers country in 2013!

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