Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Experience at the Georgia Dome

My overall experience at the Georgia Dome gets a 8 out of 10. Stadium gets a 9 of 10 for view of game, fans get a 7 out of 10(a little quite at times and tried to heckle me  and the people I was with.) Food at the dome gets a 7 out of 10. The nachos I had were awesome and had a TON of cheese. Negative they didn't have any brats, and the concourse was super small. The Packers should have won the game but you can't fault the effort they gave. Also almost forgot the tailgating seen down there is pretty weak compared to Green Bay, all tho they did hand out lotto tickets when we got into the game and they dropped parachutes down from the rafters with a t-shirt with that. There was a lot of cheese heads at the game which was no big surprise to me due to how the Packer fans travel. Also that last drive the Packers had going 90 plus yards to get the touchdown was one for the ages that wont get talked about because the Packers lost.

Sixteen plays. 

Ninety yards. 

The touchdown on fourth-and-goal with 56 seconds remaining. 

Had the Green Bay Packers won Sunday's game at the Georgia Dome, we would still be discussing the absolutely epic drive that pulled them into a tie with the Atlanta Falcons in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers masterfully guided the Packers downfield, earning the highest praise imaginable from his coach. He bought himself seven seconds on the final play before firing toward receiver Jordy Nelson in the end zone.

"I have never seen a quarterback in my time here play to that level in the passing game," said coach Mike McCarthy, who employed Brett Favre for his first two seasons in Green Bay.

The drive was soon rendered moot by Atlanta place-kicker Matt Bryant's 47-yard field goal. But while we have a break in the action this week, let's take a moment to relive each play and record it for posterity. 

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