Thursday, July 18, 2019

Eight Best Aaron Rodgers Throws | Ticket King Green Bay
Packers future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers’s career has been full of some of the most amazing throws in NFL history. Let’s rank the best ones.

8. Dances With Jaguars- In week one of the 2017 season, the Packers were in Jacksonville. They were facing third and 10 from the 29-yard-line with 20 seconds to go in the first half when Aaron Rodgers found Adams for the touchdown with 14 seconds left while being dragged to the turf.

7. 4th and 20- When the Packers traveled to Arizona for the divisional playoff game in 2016, they found themselves trailing by seven with less than a minute to go, facing a 4th and 20 from the shadows of their own goalposts. Rodgers escaped to his left and heaved one deep to an amazingly open Jeff Janis, who caught it and kept the Packers season alive. This is one of the best throws in NFL history, and it wasn’t even the best throw on this drive.

6. The Greatest Throw Never Made- In 2016 during their home game against the Lions, Aaron Rodgers made one of the most amazing throws in NFL history, and nobody remembers because it was an incomplete pass. He escaped to his left, and while falling away from his throwing arm, heaved a football 74 yards down the field, just out of the reaching arms of Trevor Davis.

5. Super Bowl Bullet- Late in Super Bowl 45, the Packers were facing third and 10 from their own 25, and their season was hanging in the balance as the Steelers were picking up steam. Rodgers dropped back to pass and fired a 20-yard bullet of absolute perfection to Greg Jennings. That was the moment the Packers finally realized what they had in the kid from Southern California.

4. Hail Rodgers #1- Aaron Rodgers has become known for his impressive deep throws late in the game, and this was the one started it all. In 2015 the Packers went into Detroit reeling, their season on the line and found themselves trailing 20-0 at the half. Rodgers orchestrated the impressive comeback, which was capped by one of the most amazing, awe-inspiring heaves in football history. Rodgers threw the ball 70 yards in the air and came within 20 feet of hitting the lights of Ford Field.

3. Windy City Bomb- In 2016, the Packers went into Chicago in Week 15 for one of the coldest games in recent memory having won three in a row, but having no room for error. They marched out to a two-score lead, and let the Bears come back and tie the game. In the game’s final moments, the Packers were facing third down when Rodgers moved to his left and went deep for Nelson who caught it. Rodgers ran the team to the line of scrimmage, spiked the ball, and Mason Crosby made the game-winner moments later. Many pundits believed that the Packers would lose if the game went to overtime as the Bears had all of the momentum and their offense was in rhythm.

2. Hail Rodgers #2- In that same divisional playoff game in the desert, the Packers were down seven with time for one last heave. The Cardinals decided to blitz and chased Rodgers back across midfield before he finally turned around and heaved the ball 61 yards while getting smacked to the turf into the waiting arms of Jeff Janis. For the record, McCarthy should have gone for two after that and won the game.

1. Dallas Dagger- Following a crushing sack, the Packers were facing third and long from their own 33-yard line when Aaron Rodgers huddled the Packers up and drew up a play in the dirt. Once they snapped the ball, Rodgers rolled out to his left and fired a 41-yard frozen rope to Jared Cook who dragged his feet just enough to stay in bounds. Crosby came on moments later and sent the Packers to Atlanta. I can only think of one other quarterback in NFL history, Rodgers’s predecessor, who should even consider trying that throw, much less attempt it.

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