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Packers draft class
As we continue our track towards the start of NFL training camps, it is never too early to look ahead to next year’s draft. Here are some players the Packers should be targeting come next May. Before we go any further, let me start by saying that Missouri quarterback Drew Lock is going to be the top quarterback in this class. However, the Packers, even with two draft first-round selections, will be unable to move up high enough to draft him. Let me continue by saying that I have never been a big fan of DeShone Kizer. What am I getting it? With the combined age and injury history of Aaron Rodgers, finding their next franchise quarterback will soon be a priority for these Packers. Fortunately, 2019 will be just as deep of a quarterback class as 2018 was, because the other half of those quarterback prospects saw the 2018 class, and went back to school.

Jake Browning/QB/Washington- A year ago, this man was one of the top three quarterbacks on the board for the 2018 draft. However, a disastrous 2017 season and injury problems dropped his stock, so wisely he returned to school for his senior season. A good year from Browning should vault him back up there. He is a good athlete with a strong arm, a winning combination in modern football.

Clayton Thorson/QB/Northwestern- This former four-star recruit has somehow flown under the radar for several years now, before having a breakout season a year ago. In 2018 everybody will know who Clayton Thorson is, and how he handles that pressure will go a long ways towards his draft stock. Thorson sands 6’4”, 225 pounds, big time arm, good athlete, and he goes to Northwestern so that tells you everything you want to know about his natural intelligence. I don’t know how this guy wasn’t the top quarterback in his class and wasn’t more recruited. I mean look at him. Regardless, NFL scouts know who he is, and they are drooling.

Jarrett Stidham/QB/Auburn- Man can this guy fire a football. He is the next Matthew Stafford, there is no denying that. He hasn’t really been given a chance to show that at Auburn, and NFL scouts are hoping that they give him an opportunity to throw the ball around a little bit in 2018.

Josh Allen/OLB/Kentucky- The first non-quarterback is Kentucky’s monster pass rusher. The Packers are going to need to replace Clay Matthews soon on the outside, and Allen could very well be the target to replace him. The problem is, many expect Allen to be the first linebacker off the board in 2019, and the Packers may not be in a position high enough to get him.

Anfernee Jennings/OLB/Alabama- This is a far more reasonable target for the Packers. Jennings will be in the next group of linebackers off the board after Allen. Jennings is a pure pass rusher as well, so that helps.

Noah Fant/TE/Iowa- Over the last couple of years, the Packers have done a great job of patching up their tight end position for the time being, and will enter 2018 with Jimmy Graham, Lance Kendricks, and Marcedes Lewis as their tight ends. That is fine for 2018. There is just one problem though, those guys aren’t exactly young spring chickens, so the Packers will need to add some youth, and soon, to the position. Fant would fit as a tight end in this offense like a glove.

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