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Five Draft Picks That The Packers Should Take in 2018 | Ticket King Green Bay

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The 2018 NFL Combine is over, and that means it is now “Mock Draft Season!” Granted, it’s early in the year, and things could change, depending on which free agents are picked up along the way, but here is our Ticket King mock draft 1.0.

Round 1: Baker Mayfield/QB/Oklahoma- Some may read this and think. “Really?” Yes really. The Packers two biggest needs this off-season are pass rushers and cornerback. However, the types of players they need for both positions is not are not going to be picked up with a draft choice. They need a veteran. It is looking like they are going to sign Muhammed Wilkerson in the coming days to solve the pass rush issue. If they add a cornerback via free agency as well, this is where it becomes interesting. This is a loaded draft class for quarterbacks, and if one of them is sitting there at 14, well, as we wrote back in October, the Packers need to start thinking post-Aaron Rodgers. Mayfield is a very talented quarterback, but he has serious attitude problems. He’s got the Dolphins taking a serious look at his right now, but if they take a pass, this young talent might be a pick at back up for Green Bay. He needs to sit down for a couple of years first.

Round 2: Braden Smith/OG/Auburn- The Packers do need to solve the guard spot opposite Lane Taylor. The second through fifth rounds of the draft is where you solve that problem. Smith can be a good guard in the NFL.

Round 3: Jaleel Scott/WR/New Mexico State- The Packers need some younger legs at the wide receiver position. At 6’6”, 215 pounds, Jaleel Scott is just too inviting to pass up here.

Round 4A: Joseph Noteboom/OT/TCU- The Packers do need some depth and insurance at the tackle position. Brian Bulaga can’t stay healthy, and Jason Spriggs hasn’t exactly shown why he was drafted in round two several years ago. Noteboom is an intriguing prospect.

Round 4B: Ian Thomas/TE/Indiana- At some point this off-season, the Packers do need to add a tight end. I expect them to sign one in free agency, but at the same time, it doesn’t hurt to add a talented mid-round prospect as well. Thomas could be groomed for a couple of years to be the Packers long-term tight end.

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