Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Packers Options for Free Agent Pick Ups in 2017 | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers Free Agents
NFL Free Agency is almost upon us. Ted Thompson is never one to toss "Stupid Money" at a free agent, and it's unlikely that he will change his stripes this year. It is okay to dabble in free agency, but only to find a specific fit for a team, Let's hope the Packers don't offer any 100 million dollar contracts either. Here are some names the Packers should look at.

Leodis Mckelvin/CB- After a long successful tenure in Buffalo, McKelvin signed a free agency contract with the Eagles. 2016 was not good for him. Since he was released, this is a cornerback the Packers should look at. Nothing more than two years though, and no guaranteed money past the first season.

Darrelle Revis/CB- There was a time when it did not get any better at the cornerback position in the NFL than Darrelle Revis. But, Revis is now 31, and was one of the Jets cap casualties last week. Same situation as above. Nothing more than two years, and no guaranteed money past the first season.

Alterraun Verner/CB- Unlike the first two on this list, Verner is a few years younger, 28 to be exact, and it might take more than two years, one guaranteed, to get him in Green Bay. Still, it won't be stupid money, and I would honestly say something along the likes of 3-4 years.

Davon House/CB- Now it gets interesting. Would Davon House be interested in coming back to Green Bay? He excelled in Dom Capers system before signing a big free agent contract with the Jaguars. He is only 27, and this one might have more traction than others.

A.J. Bouye/CB- This is one of the few non-released players I would look at. Bouye is a stud, and is only 25. Problem is, it will cost a ton of money to get him away from Houston, more than the Packers should pay. If his price comes down enough, they should take a serious look, but it won't.

Prince Amukamara/CB- This is another non-released player I would take a look at. Unlike Bouye, it wouldn't cost stupid money to get him to Green Bay. Amukamara has always had talent, but has lacked motivation at times. Perhaps Green Bay is just what the doctor ordered. 

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