Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Packers Mock Draft 2015 | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers 2015 Mock Draft
Well, here it is, our official Ticket King Green Bay mock draft for the Packers. This is honestly about as good of a draft as the Packers could hope for. In a perfect world, we got our guy in Marcus Peters.  The Packers are very needy in that position. Again, in our perfect world, we're still able to get two more quality players in Jordan Phillips out of Oklahoma, and Denzel Perryman the linebacker. This move will be filling two major holes. We really like Nick O'Leary as a pass catcher and Aaron Ripkowski can finally allow the Packers to say goodbye to John Kuhn, after this season comes to an end. 
We think Green Bay will once again hope for a solid Tight End, by drafting Nick O'Leary and Jean Sifrin.  Would anyone expect a seventh round draft choice to start this fall? We won't know until mini-camp. Let us know what you think of this draft.

Unofficial Packers Mock Draft 2015

Round 2 Pick 2 (T.B.): Marcus Peters, CB, Washington 
Round 2 Pick 30: Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma 
Round 3 Pick 1 (T.B.): Denzel Perryman, ILB/OLB, Miami (Fla.) 
Round 4 Pick 7 (CHI): Davis Tull, OLB, Chattanooga 
Round 4 Pick 30: Alex Carter, CB, Stanford 
Round 5 Pick 30: Nick O'Leary, TE, Florida State 
Round 6 Pick 7 (CHI): Josh Robinson, RB, Mississippi St.
Round 6 Pick 30: Aaron Ripkowski, FB, Oklahoma 
Round 6 Pick 34 (COMP): Kaleb Eulls, DT/DE, Mississippi State 
Round 6 Pick 37 (COMP): Andrew Donnal, OT, Iowa 
Round 7 Pick 30: Jean Sifrin, TE, Massachusetts 

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