Friday, January 16, 2015

Packers NFC Championship Game Preview | Ticket King Green Bay

Packers Super Bowl Tickets
NFL Championship weekend is upon us. The Packers will travel to the Seattle to play the Seahawks and the Colts will travel to New England to play the Patriots. We have asked our favorite sports writer Tim Bryce to give us his opinion on both games. Sorry Packers fans, he's not too optimistic about the final score of the Green Bay game. 

Packers at Seahawks

Back in week 15 in Buffalo, Jordy Nelson dropped a pass on a go route that would have been a touchdown. The Packers lost that game by 8 points after giving up a late safety on a comeback attempt. That drop is why this game is being played in Seattle.

Back in week one, the Packers lost in Seattle 36-16. However this time around, they will be more prepared. Still, and we are sorry to say this Packers fans, but we can’t say within reason and conviction that the Packers will win this game. With a 100% Aaron Rodgers who has no injury worry, the Packers would need to play a near-perfect game to win. With a hobbled Aaron Rodgers, they need to play a perfect game to have a chance, much less win. That means they can’t go for it on 4th down and not get it, they can’t miss a field goal or an extra point. They can’t allow a blocked punt or blocked field goal. They can’t give up a special teams touchdown. They can’t even give up a big play on special teams. They can’t allow the Seahawks to go on long, methodical drives, and they must keep their penalty count below five.

Final Score- 30-20 Seattle. Should Green Bay pull off a win, Ticket King will have Super Bowl tickets on sale immediately. 

Colts at Patriots

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Denver Broncos on Sunday in a game that may very well be the last in the legendary career of Peyton Manning. If this is indeed that last time we will ever see Manning put on an NFL uniform, he will go down as the greatest regular season quarterback of all time and one of the best quarterbacks ever, period. But that debate will be saved for later. For now, let’s focus on the Colts and Patriots.

The Patriots absolutely blew out the Colts back in Week 11 by the score of 42-20. The Patriots put Silas Gray in the lineup and he ran for 199 yards and four touchdowns in that game. From all viewpoints, this appears to be another easy win for the Patriots. ESPN’s infamous voice Skip Bayless, will predict a Patriots win. So will everyone else under the Sun. But I am not convinced. Something else is going on here.  

Andrew Luck has been the prophesied "favored son" for quite some time now. He has had star written all over his face since his early days of college. He entered the league as the surest bet to be a star quarterback since, ironically, the man he took over for, Peyton Manning. The question has never been if, only when. Well, “when” is now. What we are all witnesses to right now is the rise of Andrew Luck. Last Sunday, Luck was in complete control of that game the entire way, and I fully expect that to happen again. In fact, after Luck defeats Manning’s career adversary this Sunday, he will defeat the NFC Champion in the Super Bowl, win the Super Bowl MVP award, and ride back to the house that Peyton Manning built in Indianapolis a hero.

Final Score- 31-24 Colts.

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